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SQU Research Centres' Open House



The SQU Research Centres’ Open House is an opportunity for community members, business representatives, policymakers, graduates, and researchers and academics from SQU and other institutions around the country to come together. The Open House gives prospective collaborators and clients the chance to become familiar with the state-of-the-art facilities, research programs and studies that the university and its research centers offer. By understanding more about the valuable work SQU’s research centers do and what they can offer industry and the community, the Open House promotes the formation of long-term associations and the development of networks that have the potential to benefit all involved.


 Provide a platform for community members, business representatives, policymakers, graduates, researchers and academics to discuss how research can contribute to them and to society
 Increase awareness about SQU’s research centres, facilities, services, programs, and studies
 Promote the development of long-term associations between various parties interested in research both within SQU and among the wider community

 Increase the level of inter-institutional/organizational and inter-disciplinary research in Oman
 Increase awareness about how SQU’s research centres contribute to industry, the private and public sectors, and the community
 Encourage the development of society-wide research networks that work towards addressing issues across a variety of fields
 Increase community and institutional funding for research activities and facilities at SQU
 Encourage social responsibility and community engagement among institutions in the private sector and among other community members
 Make research at SQU more responsive to community, industry and workforce needs
 Find ways in which SQU’s research centres can work together, and can work with the community, industry, and various stakeholders, to contribute to Oman’s economic development and social stability
 Attract qualified graduates who are interested in employment as research assistants in order to build the university’s research culture, contribute to Omanization, and develop research calibre in the sultanate

Date: 8/11/2017
Venue: Conference & Exhibition Halls