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Bench Fees Criteria for PhD Students



Bench fees is financial support provided for PhD students to cover costs for consumables needed in their research work.  Bench fees do not cover expenses for conference attendance, international travel, major equipment purchases and personal salaries.


General Conditions

  1. Students have to pass the preliminary oral examination.
  2. Students should not be working on funded research projects.
  3. Students must not exceed the program’s duration.
  4. Students are required to register every semester.
  5. Requested funds should not exceed RO 7,000 and the total money allocated should be distributed over the studies’ duration.
  6. Minor equipment request should not exceed RO 2,000

Application Procedures

  1. Supervisor should fill the bench fees form F28 (DPS 28), have it approved by the Head of Department and eventually sent to the Dean of the College through  the college’s Assistant Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research.
  2. The signed form along with the proposed research plan should be sent to the Dean of Postgraduate Studies for recommendation.  Final approval will be solicited from the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Postgraduate Studies and Research.
  3. The concerned college and the Finance Department will be informed of the final decision.


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