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IT for Students

1. Locate your SQU ID number.

    You must have an ID Number in you SQU student ID card.

2. Get your SQU internet account.
    Your SQU student account can be collected from your college administration at the orientation week.

3. Familiarize yourself with your SQU account, Using this account you can access
4. Secure your devices, data, and identity
    Protect yourself from cyber threat by taking some necessary steps.

    Whenever you use the internet or any other IT services you should remember that there are risks involved. To help minimize those
    you should:
  • Protect your password by make it complex, avoid saving password in applications and never sharing it
  • Avoid using cracked software applications
  • Make sure that the antivirus protection on your computer/laptop/Mac is kept up-to-date at all times.
  • Run updates for all of the applications (e.g. Microsoft Office) on your laptop/mobile devices.
  • Close any unexpected pop-up boxes
  • Never respond to ‘phishing’ or spam emails, for example those that request your username and password. In official transactions will never request such information from you via e-mail.
  • Never open email attachments unless you are expecting them.
5. Ask for license educational software:  
    You can install some SQU Educational license software through college technicians.

6. Remember this when using social networks:
    Think twice before post content, and know what you say about yourself.
  • Know who is viewing your personal information
  • Think before accept mutual friendship and be selective
  • To avoid giving away information about your friends, do not allow social network sites to scan your email address book
7. Browse and download available free software


Wi-Fi Registration manual

  • Computers
  • IPhone, IPad, IPod
  • Galaxy S1-S2-S3,
    Note1, Note2
  • IMac, Mac Book
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