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Level 5(FPEL0501)



Level 5 of the English Foundation Programme (FPE) continues to focus on general  English. However, it is the first level of the FPE that offers teaching materials, particularly in reading, which are related to the students’ majors (e.g sciences, commerce, nursing, medicine).



Level 4 or the beginning of year Language Centre placement test.


Course format

Level 5 FPE lasts half a semester and is for 20 hours per week.

In level 5 of the FPE students have courses on reading (both general and on topics related to students’ majors), writing, listening and speaking. Study skills, which help students learn how to study, are integrated into these English language skills courses, and are also taught as a separate research and presentations skills course.


Learning outcomes


In Level 5 students continue to write at the paragraph level but in most programmes students build these paragraphs into brief essays. Students practise different paragraph types such as comparison/ contrast, and expressing an opinion. The organization and content of the paragraphs students write depends upon their major. For example, in commerce students may compare two businesses while in medicine students may write a description of a disease. Students also practise the grammatical structures necessary to successfully write such paragraphs.



In Level 5 students read some texts of a general nature and some texts related to their major (commerce, sciences, etc.) Students learn a number of skills that assist them in finding their way around reading texts of up to 2 pages in length. These skills include:

·         skimming and scanning a text for main ideas and specific information

·         being able to make inferences

·         working out the meaning of words from their context

·         distinguishing fact from opinion

·         drawing conclusions based on information both implicitly and explicitly stated

Students also read two or three graded readers or simplified novels.


Listening & Speaking

In Level 5 listening and speaking students learn how to:

·         take notes from an extended listening

·         use these notes to answer questions on a particular topic

·         distinguish main ideas from  supporting details

·         make inferences based on context clues, and

·         follow and outline a lecture based on the flow of ideas

Students also learn how to:

·         participate in a discussion on a topic relevant to their studies

·         argue a point on that topic

·         support their arguments by giving clear and logical reasons, and

·         persuade someone to follow a course of action


Study skills

In Level 5 students are required to deliver a 5-minute presentation on a topic agreed upon with the teacher.

In addition to preparing for the  presentation, students  use study skills time in Level 5 to prepare for the 500-word report which is submitted at the end of Level 6 (see the Level 6 study skills section for further information).

During their level 5 study skills course students learn how to:

·         conduct research

·         find suitable sources (both in electronic and hard copy forms)

·         use search engines and web directories

·         use the library classification system

·         make effective use of an SQU library, and

·         improve their note-taking skills



In Level 5 students use a number of commercial textbooks and materials produced at the Language Centre in order to meet the learning outcomes for this Level. In addition to a reading textbook prepared by the Language Centre, students read selected units from Active Skills for Reading Book 3 (second edition). All students use a Language Centre writing textbook for Level 5. For listening and speaking students study selected units from Contemporary Topics 2 (third edition).

For research and presentation skills students use materials which have been produced in the Language Centre.


Teachers assess students throughout the Level 5 course on the learning outcomes and at the end of the level students take various end of level tests to determine whether they have met the learning outcomes. If students are successful, they move to level 6.


Level 5 co-ordinators

English for Commerce:

Khamis Al Harassi        ext. 1953  

English for  English Specialists:

Neil McBeath                ext. 1626  

English for Medicine:

Andrew Daniels            ext. 2157  

English for Sciences:

Tom Griep                    ext. 1635  


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