A WORD of Truth & Appreciation!

His Majesty, Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, through His Guidance, Insight and Prudent Vision, has entrusted the presidency/administration of this young and growing university to brilliant, hard-working, dedicated and honorable Omanis for the highest purposes and aims. All along, this has certainly spared no effort in laying the solid foundation for this great House of Experience and central source of continuous contribution, a minaret of science and knowledge and intellectual radiation center, as originally planned, envisaged and ordained by its Founder and Architect. With These efforts, these dedicated men have succeeded in putting this university high on the map of international universities. The University has become a center in which all sciences and branches of knowledge are taught and propagated, whose sound policies have become renowned all over the world and which has been competing and operating parallel with well-established universities.
A word of appreciation is bestowed to all these Presidents: these are the fruitful outcomes of your great accumulated efforts which stand in testimony of the great and solid achievements of Omanis who are determined to advance and improve; guided by the sound policies and right path set forward by the wise leadership of this country to achieve and realize His Majesty’s vision. Together for Oman, which we are all proud of and together for the service of its Great Founder, His Majesty, the true story of these honorable, noble and great men must be told.

H.E Sheikh Amor Bin Ali Al-Marhuby

1st vice-chancellor (1986-1987)


H.E Yahya bin Mahfouth Al-Manthri

2nd Vice-Chancellor(1987-1997)


H.E Mohammed Al-Zubair

3rd Vice-Chancellor (1997-2001)


H.E Dr. Saud bin Nasser Al-Riyami

4th Vice-Chancellor (2001-2008)