Coordination & Follow-Up Department



Department  of Coordination and Follow up  is considered as  a central electronic information system,  following up all policies and decisions pertaining  to the University, in order  to ensure that  University objectives have been met and completed within the required timeframe of it.


Department's History:The Coordination and Follow - Up  Department, which has been established by  Qarar ( 189-2007)  is one of the department  in the Vice chancellor office which  was intended  to enhance management system.  Consequently ,  Coordination and  Follow -  UP - plays an important role in assisting the planning process as they are both interconnected . Nowadays Planning , Measurement ,Follow –UP ,  Monitoring and Evaluation are the main function for  administrative leader regardless of the degree and quality of the task


  • To ensure the implementation of the University Vice Chancellor’s directives by all University units.
  • To review and develop appropriate electronically-implemented procedures, in coordination with the concerned parties.
  • To design an information management system to facilitate the process of decision-making and to follow various stages of implementation.
  • To cooperate with various University units to ensure their participation in enhancing the effectiveness of the University’s electronic management and communication processes in a way that achieves the University objectives.
  • To develop an electronic system to manage the University documents and correspondences through its intranet.          

    Department's Director


    Mr. Bader bin Khalid Al-Shuaili

    Coordination & Follow_up Department's Director

    Vice Chancellor's Office

    Tel.Off.: (+968) 24141923, GSM.:(+968) 98883882

    Fax.: (+968) 24413110, P.O. Box: 50

    P.C. 123, Al-Khod, Sultanate of Oman



    Department's Sections:

    • Coordination & Communication
    • Follow_Up Section
    • Development Follow-up Administrative and Electronic
    • Admin.& Electronics Communication
    • Archiving & Documentations