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Whether you are interested in developing your self-learning skills, seeking learning resources linked to academic programs, or expanding your intellectual horizons, you have come to the right place...! At ILC we aspire to spread knowledge and provide students with a stimulating learning environment that helps them acquire useful study skills in addition to personal skills, setting them on the path towards becoming educated, well-rounded human beings. the center works in collaboration with all colleges and units of the university in order to enrich students' education. Our current approach at  ILC is to empower squ students with “21st-century skills”. we address information literacy, media literacy, as well as information, communication, and technology literacy; we also focus on traditional skills like problem-solving, communication, collaboration, creativity, and innovation. In alignment with the country’s strategic plans,  ILCruns several activities that broaden the scope of the knowledge of the squ student in areas that serve the country's economic diversification program.


The independent learning center is looking forward to becoming a fertile learning environment that offers outstanding academic service and attracts students to refine their talents and develop their core skills to pursue lifelong learning.


The Center contributes actively to providing academic support and support programs to students to raise their educational attainment and to refine their creative talents.

Study Skills Lectures by ILC

Lectures by Dr. Khaled Al - Saadi  (Arabic)

Lectures by Dr.Ali al-Moussawi (Arabic)

ILC video clips on study skills Tips

Printable Study Skills Infographics 

Welcome to Skills Development and Competency Preparation Program

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Knowledge Leadership Seminars (KLS) are run to arm SQU students with the power of knowledge, through addressing the newest topics in science, technology, economics, etc.

Knowledge Leadership Seminars (KLS) are held twice every semester.

Stay tuned to know about KLS upcoming events.

Toward Sustainable Development  


Knowledge Dvelopment

  • Lectures in Agricultural & Marine Sciences
  • Lectures in Arts And Social Sciences
  • Lectures in Economics And Finance
  • Lectures in Educational Knowledge Development
  • Lectures in Engineering And Architecture
  • Lectures in Future Digital Technologies
  • Lectures in Legal Awareness
  • Lectures in Logistics Sciences
  • Lectures in Pre-Innovation
  • Lectures in Tourism Sciences
  • Lectures in Transformative Industry Sciences

Welcome to the AGRICULTURAL AND MARINE SCIENCES (AAMS). At the Independent Learning Center (ILC). This platform was launched in January 2017. ASSP includes two themes namely, children's literature, and very short story literature.

A Sustainable Method for Achieving Food Security 



Welcome to the Arts and Social Sciences Platform (ASSP).at the Independent Learning Center (ILC). This platform was launched in January 2017. ASSP includes two themes namely, children's literature, and very short story literature.

Workshop in the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs

Welcome to the Business and Economics Platform (PEP). At the Independent Learning Center (ILC). His platform was launched in summer 2016  with the aim of developing SQU students with the knowledge of business and economics that will encourage them to play dynamic roles in society. PEP started with the topic of “Principles of Islamic Banking” in collaboration with Bank Nizwa and more other topics are set for the near future.


The Independent Learning Center launched the Educational Knowledge Development Platform. On 19/1/2016 with the themes of "Special needs Education" and "Pre-School Child". In conjunction with the direction of the Sultanate, which also started the educational preparation program to prepare the holders of bachelor degrees from non-educational colleges to enter the educational field. The Center developed the "Educational Knowledge Development Platform" to provide the opportunity for university students not affiliated with the College of Education to enrich their educational knowledge if they have the desire to enter the field of education after graduation. Stressed that some topics are not available as a specialization in the College of Education such as "Special Education" which will attract students of the College of Education as well. Taking into account the importance of special education and its role in the educational process for some of the groups that the Sultanate seeks to integrate into society, the first activities of the educational knowledge development platform under the theme of "Special Education" were launched in four workshops in February 2016 by academics from Sultan Qaboos University and experts from the Ministry of Education.

Welcome to the Engineering and Architecture Platform (EAP). at the Independent Learning Center (ILC). This platform was launched in January 2017.

Welcome to the Future Digital Technologies Platform (FDTP) at the Independent Learning Center (ILC), This platform was launched in January 2016 with the aim of introducing the latest technologies, tools, and methodologies used in the field of information technology. It was the first to introduce a workshop on Cloud Computing in March 2016, which was presented by academics from Sultan Qaboos University, speakers from the Ministry of Health, and experts from the General Authority for Information Technology.


Welcome to the Legal Awareness Platform (LAP) at the Independent Learning Center (ILC). This platform was launched in Fall 2016 . 

Welcome to the Pre-Innovators Platform (PiP) at the Independent Learning Center (ILC), an intellectually fertile environment for SQU students to discover and nourish their individual skills. PiP creates the needed atmosphere for students in order to flourish. With PiP you will be on the right track to the world of innovation and creativity. PiP runs on a themed basis, where these themes are selected to fulfill to the needs of, both, job market and the development of our country. After choosing the theme, a highly qualified SQU faculty member is assigned as a theme coordinator.


Power Electronics for Renewable Energy Resources

Status Of Renewable Energy Technology In Oman  

Applications Of Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Option

Solar Energy Workshops(August 2015)

Welcome to the Tourism Sciences Platform (TSP) at the Independent Learning Center (ILC). This platform was launched in February 2018.



Welcome to Transformative Industry Sciences (TIS) at the Independent Learning Center (ILC). This platform will be launched in Fall 2019.