Conference Addresses Green and Sustainable Chemistry

  • 11/13/2017 12:30:00 PM
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Conference Addresses Green and Sustainable Chemistry

SQU Media/Santhosh Muthalath

The opening ceremony of the SQU Chemistry Conference 2017 “Green and Sustainable Chemistry” organized by the Department of Chemistry of the College of Science at SQU, was held today at the university under the patronage of H.E. Fuad bin Jaafar Al Sajwani, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries. The three-day conference is an international forum for chemists from around the world to meet, present, and discuss their research. The conference, comprising both oral and poster presentations in English, will highlight contemporary research in green chemistry and its applications in industry and chemical processes in addition to environmental green processes. 

Commenting on the theme of the conference, Dr. Haider Al-Lawati, Chair of the conference said that green chemistry, also known as sustainable chemistry, refers to chemical practice encouraging design that minimizes the use and generation of hazardous substances. “The application of green chemistry principles will help tremendously in industrial development by minimizing waste production and finding ways to reuse waste, thereby turning trash into cash. Furthermore, Green chemistry promotes sustainable approaches and techniques in chemical processes, quality control, energy production and utilization of waste. This will help secure a cleaner environment and be reflected on better public health and prosperity”, he said.

Around 200 participants from 29 countries across the world are attending the conference. There are 23 oral presentations, 64 poster presentations and 7 plenary talks. Throughout the conference, participants will have chance to exchange and share their experiences and knowledge in the field of green chemistry and identify areas of possible collaboration. Plenary lectures by internationally renowned speakers will be held and one full session has been earmarked for presentations by graduate students and young researchers.

The conference is expected to have a significant impact on both local and international chemists; enhancing interaction and giving local graduate students exposure to cutting-edge chemical research.  Young researchers in the region will have the opportunity to establish professional and scientific contacts, and Omani chemical companies will have the opportunity to explore areas of collaboration with researchers.  The conference will raise local and international awareness of ways to minimize waste production and promote green approaches and techniques in different chemical processes of benefit to Omani industry while also enhancing the international research profile of the department and the University.