Workshop Highlights Entrepreneurs’ Role in Ensuring Food Security

  • 11/28/2017 3:05:00 PM
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Workshop Highlights Entrepreneurs’ Role in Ensuring Food Security

SQU Media

The Agricultural & Marine Sciences Platform of the Independent Learning Centre at Sultan Qaboos University organized a workshop entitled “the role of entrepreneurship in food security”. The closing ceremony of the workshop was held today under the patronage of H.E. Dr. Rashid bin Salim Al Masrouri, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Public Authority for Stores and Food Reserve.

Dr. Magda Bint Taleb Al Hinai, Director of the Independent Learning Centre, in her speech, said that the Center offers all what is new to the university students, in order to enrich their knowledge and inculcate new skills in them. Dr. Omar bin Salim Al Jabri, Assistant Dean for Training and Community Service at the College of Agricultural & Marine Sciences, said that food security issues pose a growing challenge as the population of the world is expected to touch 9 billion by 2050. Providing adequate and nutritious food for such a large population highlights the importance of the world's agriculture system. Projected increases in income globally will increase demands for not only more food but for better quality food. The demand for more high-quality foods will have to be met by increases derived from plant and animal production systems”, he said.

Giving a talk on “Promoting Projects and Creating Value”, Eng. Saleh Mohammed Al Shanfari, CEO of Oman Food Investment Holding Company, OFIC, expressed appreciation for the efforts taken by the Sultanate in ensuring food security. “The purpose of OFIC, which is a state-owned company, is to develop food security-related projects. We focus on bottom-line driven projects that provide food security for the country. As most of our projects are planned in rural areas, development in those areas naturally occurs. Food security is a concept that relates to food production, food processing, and food logistics, alongside awareness campaigns and nutrition education, which are all elements of the food security picture. We look at it from a multi-faceted position”, he said. He added that one of the country's aims is to become a food hub for the region. “Oman is working closely with several countries and other players to work toward this goal by encouraging countries to bring their goods through the Omani logistics network. We want countries to store and process their food here, and use Oman as a gateway to the rest of the region”, Al Shanfari said.

It is worth mentioning that the Independent Learning Centre at SQU organized nine workshops on various topics that were attended by more than 500 students.