Electric Vehicle Charging Station Opened on SQU Campus

  • 1/22/2018 12:36:00 PM
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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Opened on SQU Campus

By: SQU Info

On 21 January 2018, the Sustainable Energy Research Centre at Sultan Qaboos University, under the patronage of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Postgraduate Studies & Research, held the EV Test Drive at the SQU Charging Station on SQU campus. The event, which allowed attendees, including SQU students, instructors, staff, and members of the public, to experience first-hand driving and charging an electric vehicle, promoted the use of electric vehicles in Oman and raised public awareness about their benefits and use.

Dr. Rahma Al-Mahrooqi, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Postgraduate Studies & Research, said that electric vehicles are increasing in popularity around the world, with several major car manufacturers already claiming that they will no longer produce internal combustion engine vehicles by around 2030. “This event highlights to the public the emergence of electric vehicles, and their potential value to Oman’s continuing development”.

Dr. Rahma also explained how the integration of the charging station into SQU’s infrastructure was part of the process of transforming the university into a green smart campus.  “It is widely known that electric vehicles are only as green as the power source that they are charged from. Because of our concern with sustainable energy and with helping Oman transition from an over-reliance on hydrocarbons to green and sustainable sources, the charging station at SQU is entirely powered by solar energy. This is a source of energy that Oman has in abundance, and that this event has highlighted can be utilized in a commercially viable and socially and environmentally friendly manner.”

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor concluded by praising the event organizers and attendees, and by stating that the introduction of SQU’s solar powered charging station represents an important step in the transformation of SQU into a green smart campus and in achieving Oman’s sustainable future.

Speaking on the occasion of opening the two electric vehicle charging points at SQU, Dr. Amer Saif Al Hinai, Director of Sustainable Energy Research Centre at SQU, said that renewable energy sources is most appropriate solution to meet the energy demand and reduce the negative effects on the environment. “Renewable energy is a permanent, immovable natural resource which is clean and not resulting in environmental pollution. The most important sources are solar energy, which is originally the main energy source of various energy sources”, he said. The Sustainable Energy Research Centre at SQU is the first research center in the Sultanate that is focusing on research in sustainable energy. Dr. Al Hinai said that the Centre is actively conducting research on energy policy and strategies, renewable energy technology and applications, integrated electrical power systems, energy management and rational use, and their economic and social aspects.