Professor Anvar Kacimov


Anvar Kacimov, Ph.D.  


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  • MSc in Fluid Mechanics: 1982  Kazan University, USSR
  • PhD in Mechanics of Liquids, Gases and Plasma: 1987 Kazan University, USSR





Expertise and Experience



  1. Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics, SWAE 3310 (SP)
  2. Multiphase Flow and Chemical Transport, SOIL 6311 (FL)
  3. Research Methodology, CAMS 6002  (FL)
  4. Hydropedology for Soil-Water-Landscape Interaction,  SWAE 4111 (SP)
  5. Arid Zone Hydrology, SWAE 4006 (FL)




I study coastal aquifers subject to tidal effects, dynamics of groundwater mounds in managed aquifer recharge (MAR) projects, transient phreatic surface seepage through earth dams and from unlined channels/reservoirs  and similar vicissitudinary, in particular, cyclostationary Darcian systems with free surfaces. I use analytical models: the Dupuit-Forchheimer approximation (e Boussinesq’s  equation), linear potential model and nonlinear potential model. I am a proponent of the method of analytic elements developed by Strack.


In  studies of pore-level processes I use both capillary bundle models of the Washburn-Lukas-Averyanov type and Stokes flow approximation applied to the  complex geometry of pore throats and expansions, with the Rayleigh-Moffat methods of reconstruction of topology in this  microfluidics. Bridging  with the standard Muscat-type multiphase flow models  converges to applications in  contaminant hydrology (remediation of NAPL –contaminated sites) and reservoir engineering (EOR). 

For unsaturated flows in the vadose zone I apply and develop the models of Gree-Ampt,  J.R.Philip and Van Genuchten, with a primary interest in wetting, evaporation-transpiration, fingering, water uptake by plant roots  and other factors affecting the efficiency of irrigation and ecohydrology of natural plants.  Modern subsurface and surface irrigation from line and point sources placed in spatially heterogeneous soils are of interest in my addressing the boundary value problems for the relevant advective dispersion, Helmholtz, Laplace and Richards equations.


I solve the Polya-Szego and Pironneau type isoperimetric  problems of mathematical physics. Fundamental principles of variational calculus and physics, viz. Dido’s, Bernoulli’s, Maupertue’s, Euler’s, Lagrange’s, Bejan’s, among others, are in my arsenal when I work with  projects on design of  airfoils of maximum lift,  concrete dams of maximal stability, subsurface waste  repositories of a minimal size of contamination plume, ants/human beings dwellings of maximal thermal insulation, etc.   

I participate in field-laboratory experiments and design  pertinent to hydrology, fluid (subsurface) mechanics, civil/mechanical/environmental/petroleum engineering, biomimetics, although my main interest is to amalgamate the noumena and phenomena, to get  insights/data/epexegesis for ensuing mathematical modeling. On this trail, exemplary intellectual giants of esemplasticism   for me are  L.Euler, P.Feyerabnd, N.Lobachevsky, H.Poincare, P.Polubarinova-Kochina,  G.Taylor, N.Zhukovsky, among others.    


B- Current funded research project.


HM Grant SR/SCI/ETHS/11/01

‘‘Estimating natural groundwater recharge and discharge in North Oman’’, PI –Dr. Osman Abdalla, (Dept. of Earth Sciences, College of Science, SQU)


IG Grant IG/AGR/SWAE/14/02

“Enhancement of Groundwater Recharge in Al-Khoud Dam Area”, PI –Dr Ali Al-Maktoumi (SWAE, CAMS, SQU)



USAID-FABRI,AID-OAA-TO-11-00049, project code:1001626 – 104





Auxiliary Materials  for Research and Teaching (BOOK)


  1. Kacimov A.,   Al-Maktoumi, A.  Riesenkampf ‘s Vortex solution  revisited  for 2-D commingling of groundwater flow in a three-layered aquifer.  Advances in Water Resources (Elsevier), 2019, 123, 84-95.


  1. Al-Shukaili, A.  Al-Busaidi, H.,  Al-Maktoumi,  A., Abdalla, O., Shelukhina, O., and Kacimov, A.R. Oblique porous composite as evaporating “cap”:  Do desert dunes preserve moisture by capillary barriers and tilt of their slopes?.  Water Resources Research (Wiley), 2019, 55, 2504–2520, doi: 10.1029/2018WR024526


  1. Al-Mayahi, Al-Ismaily, S.,  Gibreel, T., and  Kacimov, A., Al-Maktoumi, A.

Home gardening in Muscat, Oman: Gardeners’ practices, perceptions and motivation. Urban Forestry and Urban Greening (Elsevier), 2019, 38, 286-294.


  1. Kacimov A., Obnosov Yu.V. and  Simunek, J.  Minimizing Evaporation by Optimal Layering of Topsoil: Revisiting Ovsinsky's Smart Mulching-Tillage Technology Via Gardner-Warrick's Unsaturated Analytical Model and HYDRUSWater Resources Research (Wiley), 2019, 55(5),  3606-3618.  DOI: 10.1029/2018WR024025.


  1. Kacimov A., Obnosov Yu.V.  and Or, D. Evaporation induced capillary siphoning through hydraulically connected porous domains: the Vedernikov-Bouwer model revisited. Transport in Porous Media (Springer),   2019,
    01285-z. 129 (1), 231–251.


  1. Kacimov A., Obnosov Yu.V. Analytic solutions for infiltration-evaporation formed fresh groundwater lenses floating on saline water table under desert dunes: Kunin-Van Der Veer legacy revisited. J. Hydrology (Elsevier), 2019, 574, 733-743.  


  1.  Kacimov A. , Al-Maktoumi. A.  and Obnosov, Yu.V.   Seepage through earth dam with  clay core and  toe drain: the Casagrande-Numerov analytical legacy revisited. ISH J. of Hydraulic Engineering (Taylor & Francis), 2019, in press


  1.  Kacimov A., Obnosov Yu.V. Modeling  of  2-D Seepage from aquifer towards stream via clogged bed: the  Toth-Trefftz legacy conjugated. Advances in Water Resources (Elsevier),  2019. ,  v. 129, 231–251.


  1. Kacimov A.,  and Yakimov, N.D., 2-D Darcian flow in vicinity of permeable fracture perturbing unidirectional flow in homogeneous formation.  J. Engineering Mathematics (Springer), 2019 Volume 118, Issue 1, pp 15–28. .


  1. Kacimov A., Yakimov, N.D.,  Simunek, J. Phreatic seepage flow through an earth dam with an impeding strip.  Computational Geosciences (Springer), 2019 (in press). 



1998- present Served on the following SQU/College/Department  committees:


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Services on editorial boards:

  • Member of the Editorial Board of "Transport in Porous Media" (Springer) (2000-2005)
  • Associate Editor of “Vadose Zone Journal” (SSSA) (2004-2007)
  • Section editor (Soil Physics) of Agricultural Sciences Journal (SQU) (2002-2012)
  • Guest Editor (with Prof. Strack) of a special volume of “J. Engineering Mathematics” (Springer) (2009)
  • Received Best Reviewer Award, Journal of Irrigation and Drainage, ASCE (2013), Outstanding Reviewer of Vadose Zone Journal, SSSA (2005).

Reviewed manuscripts submitted to:

  • Advances in Water Resources;
  • Applied Mathematical Modeling;
  • Ground Water;
  • Fluid Dynamics;
  • Flow, Turbulence and Combustion;
  • Heat and Mass Transfer;
  • Hydrological Sciences J.;
  • Interntnl. J. Heat and Mass Transfer;
  • Interntnl. J. Engineering Education;
  • J. Agricultural Sci.(SQU);
  • J. Agricultural Sci. and Technology;
  • J. Contaminant Hydrology;
  • J. Engineering Mathematics;
  • J. Hydrologic Engineering-ASCE;
  • J. Hydraulic Engineering-ASCE;
  • J. Hydrology;
  • J. Irrigation and Drainage-ASCE;
  • J. Porous Media;
  • Nuovo Cimento B;
  • Pedosphere;
  • Proc. Royal Society London A; 
  • Reviews of Geophysics;
  • Transport in Porous Media;
  • Vadose Zone J.;
  • Water Resources Research;
  • Russian Mathematics.