imgWelcome Cohort 32 Academic Year 2017-2018
Welcome Cohort 32 Academic Year 2017-2018
imgSQU Celebrates Annual Day with Splendour
VC outlines the achievements of students and faculty members. DVC gives a summary of research and innovation.
imgNeed to Improve Hygienic Conditions of Fruits and Veggies in Oman
SQU study assessed microbial load of fresh fruits and vegetables in Oman.
img46th National Day celebrations took place in CAMS
46th National Day celebrations took place in CAMS

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Welcome! to the College of Agricultural and Marine Sciences site at SQU, with nine undergraduates and eight postgraduate programs designed to help our students meet the challenges of the 21st century. This website serves as a gateway to the College and the University in general.

We are a strong, vibrant community of faculty, students and staff united around a shared passion for the natural world. We cover many disciplines –animal and veterinary sciences, crop science,; food science and nutrition, marine and fisheries science, natural resource economics and soil, water and agriculture engineering. In all of these fields, we offer a wide range of opportunities – inside and outside the classroom – for you to learn and explore.

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My Health is in My Diet

The Food Science and Human Nutrition Group organized the event “My Health is in My Diet” which targeted children 7-12 years old on 14 September 2019 at SQU. It aimed at spreading awareness about healthy diet choices and correcting common misconceptions. The event, which was held for the first time aimed at establishing healthy concepts for healthy and balanced health. It introduced children to the importance of breakfast and the primary components of a healthy meal/plate. The most important types of food spoilage were also introduced. Finally, a presentation of various methods of dental care and hygiene were also introduced.

قامت مجموعة علوم الغذاء والتغذية في يوم السبت الموافق 14/9/2019 بتنظيم فعالية صحتي في غذائي وللمرة الأولى والتي إستهدفت مجموعة من الأطفال من عُمر 7 إلى 12 سنة وهدفت إلى تحسين المفاهيم الخاطئة وتأسيس مفاهيم صحية لمستقبل صحي ومتوازن والتعريف بأهمية وجبة الافطار و بمفهوم الطبق الغذائي وأبرز مكوناته و التعريف بأهم أنواع التلف الغذائي مع عرض نماذج متنوعة للغذاء كما تم التعريف بالطريقة السليمة للمحافظة على صحة الفم واللثة والاسنان .


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College News

Best Research Poster

 Tthe team of high-ranking academics at CAMS evaluated student posters. Congratulations to the winners:

Agriculture and Fisheries Research Conference

The 2nd National Conference on Agriculture and Fisheries Research (Research for Sustainable Development), organized by t

Festival Focusses on Latest Technologies in Agriculture

The ninth Scientific Agriculture Festival commenced at the College of Agricultural & Marine Sciences.


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