Students Society

The Agricultural and Marine Sciences Society (AMSS) is one of the most effective student’s activities in the collage of agricultural and marine sciences. There are 6 groups presented the different departments working under the AMSS society.Every year the different groups organizing many different events and activities all over the year. These activities are always remarkable and distinguished. These activates always provide good materials of knowledge to all university in general and especially to CAMS students.

Animal and Veterinary Science Group

The group this year organized the veterinary gathering exhibition which includes some research projects done by the faculties or students in the department of animal and veterinary sciences. Some other participation came from the private sector companies.

Marine Science Group

The group this year organized the fishermen day exhibition which includes a good participation from the private and government sectors. Students also had participated by some projects done in the department.
Activities organized:
  • Department student society organized their Open Day.
  • During Oman National Day Marine Science and Fisheries students presented a large model of an Omani Flag filled with water coloured in the colours of Oman flag.
  • Marine Expo at SQU. Students presented their research projects and achievements.
  • Omani fishermen day in Al-Khaboura. Students presented the latest research regarding improvements in fishing techniques.
  • Several visits at schools to raise awareness of the importance of preserving the marine environment.
  • ?Workshop on cyclone prediction. In cooperation with the General Authority of Civil Aviation MF students organized a workshop on climatology and weather.

Food Science Group

The group this year organized food companies’ exhibition which has this year a good number of private companies working in the fields of food and food processing.

  • Organized Food Companies exhibition, SQU 2 December 2013
  • World Food day. SQU, 2-3 December, 2013
  • Muscat Municipality open day. SQU, 24 April 2014
  • GCC Agricultural and Fisheries wealth Expo. Fall 2013.
  • Food safety week. Muscat, 20-24 April 2014
  • World water day. Muscat, 22 March 2014


Soil and Water Sciences Group

The group this year organized the water day exhibition which was this year in Sahoa Park. Accompanying activities was used to demonstrate the community on how to save water and minimizing water waste.
Activities organized:

  • The SWAE Student Group celebrated the event of the World Water Day on 22 March at Al-Sahwa Park.
  • The SWAE Student Group organized awareness forum at SQUH on water conservation, 18-19 August 2014.
  • The SWAE Student Group organized their end of the year gathering at the AES. 14 May 2014.
  • A number of SWAE students supervised by Dr. Ahmed Al-Busaidi, collected soil, water and plant samples and were trained in scientific methods of physical, chemical and biological analyses. They visited Rumais Labs, for nitrogen analysis and acquaintance with some of the running projects, the Royal Diwan greenhouses and a hydroponic system company. Summer 2014

Plant Science Group

The group this year organized the tree day exhibition which includes many projects related to plant and trees production. Some other companies working in the field of planting and fertilizers products also participated in the exhibition.

  • Tree Day, October 2013.
  • CS Students Graduation Ceremony, Nov, 2013.
  • CS Students gathering, Spring 2014.

Agricultural Economic Science Group

The group this year organized an exhibition for the small companies which include this year a huge number of small and medium enterprises that producing many different products and run by Omanis family to help them in terms of showing their products to public to know them closely.