Duties of Deanship

  1. Recommend admission policies in line with University procedures and available resources by Liaising with internal and external organizations.
  2. Provide information and student records related to academic programs and scientific grades.
  3. Provide student statistical reports related to academic courses and programs.
  4. Schedule the master timetable and classrooms in consultation with the colleges and provide information on degree programs offered.
  5. Provide advisors with the necessary information to advice their students in completing their registration.
  6. Recommend graduation procedures.
  7. Supervise the implementation of the academic policies in relation to specialization and recommend changes.
  8. Inform students when they exceed their academic time limit as per academic policies.
  9. Notify students when they reach probationary status.
  10. Maintain strict confidentiality.
  11. Maintain student records in the strictest confidentiality.