Transfer Credit/ Advanced Standing from Recognized Institutions

Transfer Credit (TC) is credit awarded in course(s) for which the applicant possesses post-secondary qualifications (such as successful completion of a college, university or recognized professional association course). It is awarded after assessment by the appropriate course HoD and course coordinators, it is deemed that the work covered is equivalent in content or objectives to the corresponding course(s) of study at Sultan Qaboos University. In order to be considered for Transfer Credit, the grade earned in the previous institution must be sufficient to ensure continuing progress here at Sultan Qaboos University; thus a minimum 'C' grade equivalent to 2 on a 4 points scale is required.

Credits awarded through this status are counted towards the degree but are not graded.

Transfer Credit is not awarded automatically. The course HOD will evaluate the relevant documentation and may wish to interview and/or test the applicant to validate the documentation.

If a student wishes to register in a course for which he/she has already received transfer credit in order to earn a grade in the course, the original 'TC' will remain valid until the formal withdrawal period ends, after which the grade earned will take precedence.

Advanced Standing applies to new applicants only. If the Transfer Credit assessment totals several courses and indicates an entry level greater than the first semester, the student will be given admission status of Advanced Standing. At Sultan Qaboos University the typical applicant with potential for this status would come from an institution such as the Higher Technical Colleges.