Regulations for Visiting Students


Visiting Omani and Non-Omani Students from International Higher Educational Institutions Omani and Non-Omani students who wish to take credit courses from international  higher educational institution must fulfil the following conditions:

1.       Students (Omani and Non-Omani) must be from a recognized foreign Higher Educational Institution.

2.       Students must have completed 60 credits or more of course work ( or equivalent)/

3.       Students must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.7 on a 4-point scale or equivalent.

4.       Student can be enrolled at SQU for a maximum of two regular semesters excluding summer semester.

5.       Students must comply with relevant SQU academic regulations.

6.       Admission depends on available seats, to be decided in coordination with the concerned college.

Application Form:

The completed form should be submitted on line to the Deanship of Admissions and Registration with electronic versions of the following as attachments:


1.       Transcript: Original, stamped and authenticated by the current university.

2.       Passport: copy of information pages.

3.       Photograph: with a blue background

Note that these should have a file name corresponding to the item, e.g. passport students’ name.


The deadline for application for the Spring Semester is the end of the second Friday of October and the deadline for application for the Fall Semester is the end for the second Friday of March.

Applications received after the deadlines will not be considered.


Housing assistance and entry Visa maybe available through the Office of External Cooperation, however students are financially responsible for their accommodation, living expenses, transport, health insurance, and for tuition according to the chart of fees.

Note: AC Approved Document (Ref 1 st AC meeting of 2011-12)