Study Postponement

A student may be allowed to withdraw temporarily from the University by requesting a formal postponement of study, for one semester renewable for a second semester. Postponement may be granted upon approval by the Assistant Dean of the College in consultation with the Deanship of Admissions and Registration for the following reasons:


  • Health
  • Family reasons
  • Pregnancy reasons
  • Psychological reasons
  • Other compelling circumstances


Supporting documentation from authorities such as Student Guardians, the Counseling & Guidance Center or the Health Clinic are required. Extension of postponement beyond two semesters may be granted in exceptional circumstances. Postponement is not normally granted during the first semester.


If a student does not return to the University after the approved period, his/her enrollment shall be withdrawn.
It is the responsibility of the student or his/her family to notify the University of any request for extension.
Subsequent re-admission will be considered on an individual basis. A student may rejoin the University only at the beginning of a semester under the customary procedures for registration.

When a postponement has been approved, special grades of 'OP' will be entered and the date of postponement noted on the transcript.

Postponement will not be granted merely to avoid failing grades.