Vision, Mission & Objectives

  The College of Arts and Social Sciences at Sultan Qaboos University aspires to become a leading regional and international center of excellence in teaching, research and community service.  
  The College of Arts and Social Sciences is committed to quality and intellectual distinction through promoting innovative learning and research environments that foster creative and critical thinking, artistic and communication skills, freedom of expression and social responsibility.  


  The College of Arts and Social Science seeks to:
- provide students with opportunities to develop through training their skills, capacities,and creativity    for personal and professional development.
- foster critical and effective communication skills that enable graduates to function productively in a    wide range of employment domains and pursue       postgraduate studies.
- cultivate a multicultural outlook and prepare students to deal with an increasingly complex    globalized   world.
- serve as a center for innovation to increase the quality and the quantity of interdisciplinary research.
- promote the education of arts and other forms of cultural artifacts.
- reinforce strong and meaningful ties with Omani culture and heritage.
  The core values of the College of Arts and Social Sciences at Sultan Qaboos University inspired by Islamic ideals and values, that includes:  
  academic freedom, social responsibility, tolerance, cultural diversity and integrity