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Dr. Mohamed Al Mashani
Head the Department

Department of Arabic literature

Welcome Message:

Promotion of Arabic has been a goal of the Department of Arabic Language and Literature, at Sultan Qaboos University, as it is the national language of this nation, the symbol of its unity and identity, and component of its heritage and intellectual product. The importance of Arabic has been reflected in His Majesty’s vision through his instructions to give more attention to teaching, developing and enhancing Arabic language in the University, using modern technology. 
Accordingly, the Department of Arabic Language takes responsibility for serving this language by teaching, researching and enriching it. Since its inception in 1987, the department has been working hard on developing its programs to meet the needs of Omani society and the standards of modern science and knowledge around the world. The Department started by establishing the Bachelor program, followed by the Master’s program and finally the PhD program. It also plans to establish Diploma programs that are required in the market (by utilising the broad range of experience, knowledge and qualifications of departmental staff).
It is our pleasure to welcome you to the updated website of the Department, where you may find information addressing its vision, mission, objectives, programs, staff members and activities. 





The department of Arabic and Literatures inspires to be one of the leading departments among the international universities. This can be achieved through designing programs and study plans for Bachelor, Maser’s and PhD levels that contribute effectively in serving the Arab heritage, preserving the Arabic language and introducing it to students in its best form.


The department is keen on instilling the concept of Arabic identity in the students’ minds by urging them to be proud of the Arabic language, and boosting their sense of patriotism. It also seeks to teach Arabic to non-native speakers and qualify specialists in the Arabic language and literature to contribute to the ongoing development of their country.  


  1. To work constantly on developing the department in terms of its faculty, students and programs following its counterparts in the different Arab and international universities.
  2. To contribute effectively in the field of scientific research that concerns Arabic and literary studies and work on creating the atmosphere that helps in achieving this.
  3. To train specialized personnel in Arabic language to be able to work in the different public and private institutions.
  4. To train Arabic language teachers to teach in the public and private educational institutions.
  5. To teach the Arabic language and its literatures to non-native speakers.
  6. To improve the linguistic skills of the students, polish their various literary talents and encourage them to produce work of quality.
 Prof. Mohamed Hedi Trabelsi
Literary Criticism Professor
Doctorat d'Etat "state doctorate", Tunis University, Tunis, 1979
Extension: 2083
Office No.: 1177

Dr. Mohammed Al Mashani

Head of the Department
linguistics Associate Professor
PhD, Manchester University, UK, 1999
Extension: 1891
Office No.: 1180

 Dr. Ehsan Sadiq Al Lawati
Comparative Rhetoric Associate Professor
PhD, Al Yarmouk University, Jordan, 2000
Extension: 2952
Office No.: 1178
  Dr. Ahmed Youcef
Literary Criticism Associate Professor
Doctorat d'Etat "state doctorate", University of Oran, Algeria, 1999
Ext.: 2021
Office No.: 1186
Dr. Rabeh Ahmed Bu'maaza

Syntax and Linguistics Associate Professor
PhD, University of Algiers, Algeria, 2006
Extension: 2013
Office No.: 1196

 Dr. Mohammed Gamal Sakr

Syntax ,Morphology and Arabic Prosody Associate Professor
PhD, Cairo University, Egypt, 1996
Extension: 2080
Office No.: 1182




Dr. Sana Al Jamali
Modern Literature Assistant Professor
PhD, London University, UK, 2005
Extension: 2085
Office: 1183

 Dr. Mohsin Al Kindi
Director of Documents Unit
Modern Literature Assistant Professor
PhD, Tunis University, Tunis, 2003


Dr. Khaled Al Kindi
Syntax and Morphology Assistant Professor
PhD, the University of Jordan, Jordan, 2008
Extension: 2028
Office No.: 1187
  Dr. Zaher Al Dawoudi
Linguistics Assistant Professor
PhD, the University of Jordan, Jordan, 2007
Extension: 2026
Office No.: 1194 

Dr. Jokha AL Harthi
Classical Literature Assistant Professor
PhD, the University of Edinburgh, UK, 2010
Extension: 2006
Office No.: 1188


   Dr. Ali Qasim Al Kalbani
Modern Literature Assistant Professor
PhD, Al Yarmook University, Jordan, 2010
Extension: 2011
Office: 1193
Dr. Mohamed Zarrouk
Literature and Criticism Assistant Professor
PhD, Tunis University, Tunis, 2004
Extension: 2076
Office No.: 1190
Dr. Ahmed El Henchi
Literary Semiotics and Modern Criticism Assistant Professor
PhD, Sorbonne University, Paris, 1992
Extension: 1653
Office No.: 1179
Dr. Mahmoud Al Riyami
Linguistics Assistant Professor
PhD, Mohammed V University, Morocco, 2012
Office No.:1185

Dr. Mohammed Al Munjed
Linguistic & Qur' anic  Studies
Assistant Professor
PhD. University of Moulay Ismail, Morocco, 2007
Extension No.: 2953
Office No.: 1180


Dr. Mahmoud Suliman Al Alwi
Syntax and Morphology Assistant Professor
PhD, Cairo University, Egypt
Office: 2261
Dr. Amjad  Talafha
Linguistics Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Lyon 2, France, 2003
Extension: 1889
Office No.: 1176
 Dr. Fatma Al Shidi
Stylistic Linguistics Assistant Professor
PhD, Yarmouk University, Jordan, 2009
Extension: 2042 
Office No.: 1192
  Dr. Tarik Soliman Mostafa
Linguistics Assistant Professor
PhD, Heidelberg University, Germany, 2006
Extension: 2029
Office No.:  1189
Dr. Omar Ahmed Siddig Almagzoob
Classical Arabic literature and criticism Assistant Professor
PhD, Khartoum University, Sudan, 2000
Office No.: 1191  
  Dr. Mustafa Adnan Al Ithawi
Syntax & Morphology Assistant Professor
PhD, Al-Mustansiriyah University – Iraq, 1999
Extension: 2236
Office No : 1122  

Dr. Zahir Al Gheseini
Andalusia and Maghrib Literature Assistant Professor
PhD, Seville University, Spain, 2017
Extension: 2025
      Office:  1219 B

DrZahirAlGheseini1    Dr. Fadl Youssif Youssif zeid
 Syntax & Morphology Assistant Professor
PhD, Cairo University, Egypt, 2004
Extension: 2953
Office No.: 1180 B 

Mr. Zaher Al Hinai
Arabic Language Demonstrator
BA, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman, 2009

M.A Study leave, Germany
Extension: 2062
Office No.: 1191



Mr. Hamood Al Rumhi
Linguistics Lecturer
            MA, Jordanian University, Jordan, 2004

Ph.D Study leave, UK
Office:1219 B


Mr. Yousuf Humaid Al-Badi
Dept. Co-ordinator
Extension: 2007
Office No.: 1181

Mr. Omar Al Kindi
Arabic Language Demonstrator
BA, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman, 2012

M.A Study leave, UK

Extension: 2261
Office No.: B 1219


   List of Honours- Fall2016  
 No.   Name  Distinction/Honour
1  Moza Khalaf Mohammed Al Hamhami  Distinction
2  Mathar Hamood Salim Al Sawafi  Distinction
3  Marwa Said Salim Al Batrani  Distinction
4  Aayda Ahmed Humoud Al Harrasi  Distinction
5  Thuraiya Muslem Salim Al Oraimi  Honours
6  Duaa Ali Saif Al  Shaaibi  Honours
7  Misoon Said Mohammed Al Rashdi  Honours
8  Salwa Saif Mohammed Al Wardy  Honours
9  Bayan Khalifa Nasser Al Taouni  Honours
10  Salma Khalfan Jumayel Al Ghadani  Honours
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