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Dr. Sergey Dobretsov


  1. Create a strong infrastructure and develop an integrated research program in marine biotechnology.
  2. Facilitate interdisciplinary and multi-institutional efforts to bridge gaps in research and encourage partnerships between academia, government and industry to commercialize scientific findings.
  3. Apply advanced molecular biology techniques and information technology to a carefully selected suite of marine habitats and organisms.
  4. Discover genes and processes that can be used to develop innovative products and approaches to benefit biomedicine and industry.
  5. Use and management of marine resources in a sustainable manner.
  1. To establish an internationally recognized research center for marine biotechnology which will exploit marine resources sustainably, resulting in the development of innovative compounds and processes.
  1. To serve as the Sultan Qaboos University focal point for marine biotechnology.
  2. To seek and administer internal and external research funding for multi-disciplinary marine biotechnology research programs.
  3. To support post graduate training and education.
  4. To support visiting research scientists and facilitate their research in marine biotechnology in Oman.
  5. To facilitate interactions between Sultan Qaboos University and government ministries, international organizations and the commercial sector for conducting research and development in the field of marine biotechnology.
  6. To create awareness of the potential developments and commercial opportunities for marine biotechnology through the use of scientific and popular media and by the organization of local, regional and international meetings.
  1. Advanced aquaculture
  2. Biofouling and antifouling
  3. Genetics of commercial species
  4. Bioinformatics
  5. Marine natural products

SQU has a wide range of excellent facilities to support advanced research and post-graduate training in marine biotechnology. These include laboratories, field stations and research vessels.

CEMB works closely with the College of Marine Science and Agriculture, which operates a Central Instrumentation Laboratory with advanced analytical capabilities, including high-performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, gas chromatography-mass spectrometer and ultra-violet/visible spectroscopy.  The Department of Marine Science and Fisheries operates a marine microbiology laboratory and has facilities for DNA analysis and marine algal culture.  Practical facilities include a marine station at Al-Hail, equipped with fish and shellfish culture facilities and a coastal research vessel ‘Al-Jamiah’, equipped for specimen collecting and oceanographic survey.

Elsewhere in SQU, the College of Medicine and Health Sciences operates scanning and transmission electron microscopes, a molecular genetics laboratory and a magnetic resonance imaging unit.  The College of Science offers advanced analytical facilities through its developing Central Analytical and Applied Research Unit.  These include X-ray diffraction, X-ray fluorescent spectrometry, inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry, scanning and atomic force electron microscopy and flow cytometry.

  1. GC-MS, Central Instrumentation Laboratory, CAMS
  2. HPLC, Central Instrumentation Laboratory, CAMS
  3. Recirculating Aquaculture Station, Al Hail Marine Station
  4. Aquaponic and hydroponic facilities, Agricultural Experiment Station (AES)
  5. Facilities for marine testing of coatings
  6. Autoclave
  7. Centrifuge
  8. Epicfluorescent microscope
  9. Gel electrophoresis apparatus with gel documentation system
  10. Nanodrop lite spectrophotometer
  11. Platefuge
  12. Thermal block
  13. Thermo cycler
  14. Weighing balance
  15. Light meter
  16. Temperature-dissolved oxygen meter











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