The Advisory Board
The college advisory board is made up of representatives from the government and industry. It is one of the channels to connect the college with the industry. The board meets up twice a year, once per semester. The agenda is set based on discussion with the Dean and any issues forwarded by the College Board, departments, accreditation committee and Alumni Association board. The board has representation from the college (Dean, Assistant Dean for Training and Community Service, Assistant Dean for Postgraduate and Research, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies, Three invited college faculty, College Administrator and one administrative staff as a minute taker).
The board can also invite specific faculty members to present issues to the board based on request/need. It is also possible to form sub-committees from the advisory board to look into specific issues as per direction from the Chairman and the board. As for Governance, the chairman of the board is a usually a member from the industry. The deputy chairman is the Assistant Dean for Training and Community Services. The role of the deputy chairman is to call for meetings, setting the agenda, keeping minutes and any other issues related to communication with the board.
The term of the board is for two years’ subject to re-newel. Members are encouraged to continue as long as their commitment to the board is persistent.

Members of CEPS Advisory Board
No. Name Position Institution
1 H.H. Sayyida Rawan Ahmed Al Said Managing Director and CEO Takaful Oman
2 H.E. Sheikh Abdullah Salem Al Salmi Executive President Capital Market Authority
3 H.E. Abdulsalam Al Murshedi  Executive President State General Reserve Fund
4  H.E. Dr. Ali Qassim Jawad Advisor for Studies and Research Diwan of Royal Court
5 Sheikh Khalid Mohammed Al Zubair Managing Director  Al Zubair Corporation
6 Mr. Khalid Ansari Partner  KPMG
7 Mr. Faisal Khamis Al Hashar Managing Director Oman Enterprises Co. International
8 Mr. Pankaj Khimji Director Khimji Ramdas
9 Dr. Amer Al Rawas CEO  Tasneea Oil & Gas
10 Mrs. Malak Al Shiabani Director  National Business Centre
11  Dr. Abdullah Baabood Director  Gulf Research Centre – University of Qatar
12 Mr. Aflah Al Hadrami VP Supply Chain OXY – Oman
13 Mr. Shabeeb Mohammed Al Darmaki Director  Civil Pension Fund

CEPS Advisory Board Meetings
 Meetings Date
 1st Advisory Board Meeting May 27, 2015
 2nd Advisory Board Meeting November 5, 2015
 3rd Advisory Board Meeting March 24, 2016
 4th Advisory Board Meeting December 29, 2016
 5th Advisory Board Meeting April 20, 2017
 6TH Advisory Board Meeting November 2, 2017
 7TH Advisory Board Meeting Oman Enterprises Co. International
 8th Advisory Board Meeting TBA