Naveen Safia

Room #:2925
Ext. #:2066


Fields of Interest:

Motivating strategies, Learning Styles VAKT, Communication Practices and Decision Making styles of the leaders


MBA, Andhra University
Naveen Safia teaches Business Communication, Public Speaking and Technical Writing at CEPS, SQU for almost a decade now. She has taught courses related to Business Communication and Management to business undergraduates in Oman and India for 16 years. Her major concern is motivating students in classroom by relating theoretical concepts to practical life and using a variety of in-class activities.

Her research interests are Communication practices in the corporate world, Decision Making styles of leaders and its impact, appreciating and recognizing individual differences and individual learning styles of students. She has presented her research findings in 10 international conferences in different parts of the world and got some published in the Conference Proceedings.

Selected Publications:

  • Naveen Safia. Reading in Public Speaking Classes. Paper presented at ‘The fifth International ELT Conference’, Language Centre, SQU, Muscat. 20 – 21April 2005.The paper was published in the conference proceedings.
  • Naveen Safia. Exploring Classroom Success Through 3M Model : An Action Research. Paper presented at ‘International Conference on the teaching and learning of English in Asia’, UUM, Malaysia . 14-16 November 2005. The paper published in the conference proceeding in a CD.
  • Naveen Safia and Minu Mathews. Exploring Communication Practices In the Corporate Sector of Oman. Paper Presented at ‘Sixth Asia Pacific ABC Conference’ on Management Communication, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. 14-16 December 2006.
  • Meenalochana Inguva and Naveen Safia. Cultural aspects of communication of Omani students as measured through Discourse Analysis. Paper presented at CAFIC & IAICS International Conference on ‘Harmony, Diversity and Intercultural Communication’, Harbin, China.22-24 June 07.
  • Naveen Safia. Perceptions of various communities about Business communication courses - a multi audience approach. Paper presented at 72nd Annual Convention, hosted by Association of Business Communication, Washington, DC.10-12 October 2007