Dr. Nasser R. Al-Mawali

Title:Assistant Professor, Director of Humanities Center
Room #:1028
Ext. #:1848


Fields of Interest:

International Trade - Economics of Intellectual Property Rights - Economics of Regional Integration - Economic Development


PhD in Economics, Canberra University, Australia (2006)
M.A. in Economics, Vanderbilt University, USA (2000)
BSc. in Economics, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman (1998)
Dr. Nasser Al-Mawali is an Assistant Professor of Economics in the Department of Economics and Finance, Sultan Qaboos University. He is a member of National Youth Commission; he was Head of Academic Group at the Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional Co-operation. He is one of founders of the Oman Economic Association, his board member in Alkhother Fund. Dr. Al-Mawali has a professional affiliation with American Economic Association. Further, Dr. Al-Mawali is External Reviewer in the Oman Accreditation Council, member of Oman Quality Network in Higher Education (OQNHE), and serves in the Advisory Board of Colleges of Applied Sciences, member in the Board of Trustees in the Oman College of Management & Technology and also in the BoT in Arab Open University, Expert in academic program licensing for the Ministry of Higher Education. He also served as an expert in the Appeal Court of Oman, an author of Oman international trade in the Oman Encyclopedia. His area of research is mainly concentrated on studying determinants of trade flows, economics of intellectual property rights and economic growth. He has published several refereed articles and presented many research papers at numerous national and international conferences. Dr. Al-Mawali has served as a referee in several scientific scholarly journals, and symposiums. Dr. Al-Mawali has received a number of recognition awards such as best paper award in the IBER conference in United States of America, best student's award for the academic achievements from the Vanderbilt University and several academic achievement awards from Sultan Qaboos university. He has also received several rewards for his social activities when he was studying in Australia. He participated in several professional and technical workshops and training courses and also did examine a number of Master thesis. Dr. Al-Mawali frequently writes articles in the local newspapers and magazines discussing some of economic issues of interest to the general public.

Selected Publications:

  • Azmat. G. and Al Mawali, N. (2013). Oman’s trade and opportunities of integration with the Asian economies, Economic Modelling, 31, pp. 766–774.
  • Al-Mawali, N. (2011). Does the level of intellectual property rights have different effects on inter- and intra-industry trade?, Journal of Investment Management and Financial Innovations, 8 (4), pp. 119–123.
  • Salim, R., Kabir, M., and Al-Mawali, N. (2011). Does More Trade Potential Remain?: Arab States of the Gulf, Journal of Economic Integration, 26 (2), pp. 217–243.
  • Al-Mawali, N. (2008). Web Connectivity and Trade Flows: Puzzling Evidence, Review of Business Research, 8 (1), pp. 148–154.
  • Al-Mawali, N. (2007). The Impact of Foreign Patent Rights on Oman Bilateral Exports, Journal of International Business and Economics, VII (2), pp. 139–155.