Dr. Ali Al Badi

Title: Associate Professor, Assistant Dean for Postgraduate & Research
Room #:2008
Ext. #:1849


Fields of Interest:

Social Media, Big Data and Cloud Computing, HCI, Web Usability and Accessibility, IT Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity


Ph.D. in Computing Sciences, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK
M.Sc. in Computer Science, Florida Institute of Technology, U.S.A
B.Sc. in Computer Science, University of Reading, UK
B.Tec. Diploma in General Engineering from Newcastle Upon Tyne, College of Arts and Technology, UK
Dr. Ali Al-Badi is an Associate Professor in the Department of Information Systems at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), Muscat, Oman. Ali received his education at different schools in different countries (Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UK and USA). Ali has more than 22 years of practical and academic experience in IS/IT field. Immediately, after obtaining his B.Sc. in Computer Science from Reading University, UK in 1991, he worked in the Center for Information Systems, SQU, where he gained most of his practical experience. Ali joined the academia in 1999 and completed his PhD in UK in 2005. From September, 2007 – March 2011 Ali held the CIS Director's position, sharing his time between managing the Center and performing his academic duties. From September, 2012 – September, 2015 Ali held the Head of Department position at the Information Systems, College of Economics and Political Science, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman. Furthermore, Ali contributed to 15 different IT focused committees both at the university and national level. Dr. Ali Al-Badi is an active researcher who has published number of academic peer-reviewed publications in International journals, peer-reviewed research papers in international conferences, book chapters and technical reports. Dr. Ali has published 117 refereed papers including 51 in refereed Journals, 65 conference papers, 1 report, and 1 chapter in a book. His work has been cited in ISI, DBPLP, Scopus, ACM, IEEE, Google Scholar and other databases. He regularly reviews papers for international journals and conferences. In addition to publishing single or co-authored papers, Dr. Ali is also well-known for his patience and commitment in helping and empowering our students in sharpening their research skills. As a result of his hard work and his scholarly activities, he received number of awards/recognitions, for example:
  1. Received the “Excellence in Research Award” from Clute Institute, Colorado (a USA- based institute) for his exceptional research efforts, 2016
  2. Also, in recognition of the contribution made to the quality of the ‘Computers in Human Behavior journal’, in November 2016, he was awarded a “Certificate of Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing”
  3. Awarded the "Best Researcher Award" from Sultan Qaboos University, 2014.
  4. One of his paper received “Best paper Award” at the 2013 Paris International Academic Conference, Paris, France, June 9-11, 2013.
  5. Other indicators for his scholarly activities are his record on Google Scholar, and several times he received “the most read author from your department” recognition on ResearchGate.
Also, he has supervised undergraduate senior projects, co-supervised master theses in computing Sciences while was doing his sabbatical in UK, and currently supervising M.Sc. Information Systems theses. He is also co-supervised two Ph.D. students, studying at UTM, Malaysia. In addition, unofficially he supervised/ supervising number of postgraduate students at local, regional and international universities. Dr. Ali Al-Badi received number of internal, TRC and HMTF strategic grants and Microsoft worth total of 142,393 OMR. He is on editorial board of number international journals and reviewers for international journals. He also chaired local and international conferences/workshops, and was invited as a Keynote speaker at 5 different conferences/Research Days.

Selected Publications:

  • Tarhini, A., Masa’deh, R., Al-Badi, A., Almajali, M., & Alrabayaah, S. H. (2017). Factors influencing employees’ Intention to use Cloud Computing. Journal of Management & Strategy. 8(2), 47-62.
  • Al-Badi, A., Tarhini, A. & Al-Kaaf, W. (2017), “Financial Incentives for Adopting Cloud Computing in Higher Educational Institutions”, Asian Social Science, 139)), [ Indexed by Scopus]
  • Al-Badi, A., Tarhini, A. & Al-Sawaei, S. (2017), “Utilizing Social Media to Encourage Domestic Tourism in Oman”, International Journal of Business and Management, 12(4), [Indexed by Australian Research Council]
  • Al-Aufi, Ali; Al-Harthi, Ibrahim; AlHinai, Yousuf; Al-Salti, Zahran; Al-Badi, Ali, (2017) “Citizens’ perceptions of government’s participatory use of social media", Transforming Government: People, Process and Policy, vol:11, iss:2[ Indexed by Scopus, Emerald]
  • Saqib Ali, Taiseera AlBalushi, Ali AlBadi, (2017), "Guidelines and Deployment of Accessibility-Aware Framework Approach", International Journal of Web Information Systems, Vol. 13 Issue: 2, doi: 10.1108/IJWIS-08-2016-0043, [ Indexed by Scopus, Emerald]