Dr. Saqib Ali

Title:Associate Professor and Head of the Department
Room #:2010
Ext. #:1858


Fields of Interest:

Information Systems Security – Cyber Security for Cyber Physical Systems - Industrial Informatics - Business Processes and Automation


Ph.D. Computer Science (La Trobe, Melbourne, Australia)
M.Sc. Information Systems (La Trobe, Melbourne, Australia)
B. Engineering (Computer Software) (SYICT Shenyang, P.R. China)
Dr. Saqib Ali is a business, IT implementation and execution professional, with strong skills in business analysis, Software development, management and implementation, developed through higher education and useful work experience. Strong understanding of developing business strategies, business process integration and their alignment with IT, along with innovative practices to gain or sustain a competitive advantage. Dr. Saqib has also been active in teaching and R&D (Research and Development), he successfully able to attract number of grants including strategic (HMTF), external (TRC) and internal (SQI) while working at SQU. He has authored book in the areas of Cyber Security for Cyber Physical Systems, edited books in the area of business Information Systems. He has also published several journals, conference papers and technical reports. He received Teaching Excellence Award and Research Excellence Award while working with SQU. He has been invited to serve in many international conferences and journals program committees. He is also a visiting fellow at UNSW and La Trobe Universities in Australia during year 2017 – 2018. Currently Dr. Saqib is working with Department of Information Systems at Sultan Qaboos University as an Associate Professor.

Selected Publications:

  • Ali, S., Al Balushi T., Nadir Z., and Hussain O., (2018) “Improving the Resilience of Wireless Sensor Networks Against Security Threats: A Survey and Open Research Issues”, International Journal of Technology, Volume 9, Issue 4, pp. 828 – 839, July 25, 2018, DOI:
  • Ali, S., et al. (Authored) (2018) “Cyber Security for Cyber Physical Systems” by Springer Nature Press, no. of pages. 238, June 2018
  • Ali S., Al Balushi T. and Al Badi A. (2017) “Guidelines and deployment of accessibility-aware framework approach”, International Journal of Web Information Systems, Vol. 13, Issue:2, pp.114-139,
  • Al Balushi T. Ali S., and Rehman O., (2016) “Economics of Cyber Security and the Way Forward”, International Journal of Cyber Warfare and Terrorism (IJCWT), Vol. 6, Issue 4, pp. 1-17.
  • Belushi T., Ali S., Ashrafi R., and Balushi S., (2016) “Accessibility and performance evaluation of e-services in Oman using web diagnostic tools”, International journal of u- and e- service, science and Technology, URL:, Vol. 9, No. 7, pp 9-24, URL: