Misida Al Jahwari

Room #:104D
Ext. #:6710


Fields of Interest:

The people side of managing change programs in organizations - Converting traditional personnel affairs departments to strategic human resource management departments - Employee Training in Omani Organizations - Downsizing in Omani Organizations - Addressing the challenges of Omanization in private organizations.


PhD in Management (Strategic Change), Aston University, UK, 2018
Master of Business in Management (Organisational Change), Victoria University, Australia, 2005
BSc in Commerce and Economics (Management), Sultan Qaboos Univerisity, Oman, 2002
Misida Al Jahwari teaches and researches in the areas of Organisational Change and HRM. She is one of the few Omani academics specialised in Strategic Change. She earned her PhD from Aston Business School, Aston University, UK. Her study is the first in Oman and the Arabian Gulf region to investigate multiple cases of strategic change processes in large government businesses. Her model is the first process-oriented contingency framework of strategic change processes both in Oman and the Arabian Gulf region. It reveals the causes, phases, influencers and outcomes of large-scale change processes in government businesses. Prior to obtaining a PhD, Misida worked for more than seven years as a lecturer in SQU and was an owner-manager of small businesses. She taught HRM, OB, Organisation Theory and Design and Principles of Management. She currently teaches specialized courses in HRM like Staffing and Organisational Change. Misida is a strong believer of active learning in both her undergraduate and postgraduate courses. She is a fond user of problem-based learning and utilises multiple teaching and assessment techniques so that students gain knowledge and build skills to get employed and start and manage their own businesses. Her research interests are in strategic change processes, Omanisation and various HRM, OB and Strategy topics. She is currently working on papers in the areas of strategic change processes, leading change and managing people before, during and after large-scale change. Besides research, Misida has offered community and professional services. She is a reviewer of international journals and a member of professional associations. She aspires to be involved in large-scale organisational change programs in Oman and the neighbouring countries. Her common goal in teaching, research and consulting is to develop and share useful knowledge that could help advance our understanding of managing organisational change and people and increase organisational effectiveness.

Selected Publications:

  • Al Jahwari, M. & Budhwar, P. S. (2016). Human resource management in Oman. In Budhwar, P. S. & Mellahi, K. (Eds.). Handbook of human resource management in the middle east (pp. 87-122). Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing. DOI: