Dr. Said Al-Riyami

Title:Assistant Professor
Room #:1022
Ext. #:2834

Fields of Interest:

Job embeddedness, Job commitment, Biculturalism, and work related attitudes.


PhD in International Business Administration, University of Texas at El Paso, USA, 2014
MBA, USA, 2005
BSc in Health Services Administration, USA, 2000
Dr. Said Al-Riyami obtained his PhD in international Business Administration from the University of Texas at El Paso specializing in organizational behaviors. He taught a wide range of courses at different institutions including UTEP and different colleges in Oman. Prior to joining academia, Said held different managerial positions in various public sector institutions in Oman. He has different publications in the area of social support seeking, management education, and biculturalism. He published his work at the Human Resources Management Journal and the Higher Education Studies Journal. He also has presented at different international conferences including the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management and the National Communication Association. He is currently working in the area of job embeddedness, attitudes toward diversity and organizational citizenship behaviors.

Selected Publications:

  • Wagstaff, M. F., Triana, M. C., Kim, S., & Al-Riyami, S. (2015) Responses to discrimination: Relationships between social support seeking, core self-evaluations, and withdrawal behaviors. Human Resource Management.
  • Posthuma, R., & Al-Riyami, S. (2012). Leading Teams of Higher Education Administrators: Integrating Goal Setting, Team Role, and Team Life Cycle Theories. Higher Education Studies, 2(3), p44.