Dr. Suhaila Al-Hashemi

Title:Assistant Professor
Room #:1013
Ext. #:2900

Fields of Interest:

Emotional Intelligence - Organizational Behavior - Interpersonal skills - Cultural studies


Ph.D. Leadership and Emotional Intelligence, September 2006, Napier University, Edinburgh, Scotland.
MBA, Business Administration, 1997, GPA 3.79/4.00, University of Bahrain, College of Business Administration, Bahrain. Distinction with honor. Specialization: Management
B.Sc, Business Administration, 1991, GPA 3.14/4.00 , University of Bahrain, College of Business Administration, Bahrain, Specialization: Management
Dr. Suhaila has over 20 years of teaching experience both at the University of Bahrain (20 years, 1992 till 2012) and at Sultan Qaboos University (2 years, 2012 till now). She has completed her PhD from Napier University in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her dissertation topic is the first research in Bahrain and the Gulf Region: "Leadership and Emotional Intelligence in Bahrain, a study of Bahraini Managers." Her research work goes beyond the topic to include knowledge Management, corporate governance, interpersonal skills and other topics within the area of management. Her academic and scholarly goal is to spread the knowledge of emotional intelligence in organizations both in Bahrain and Oman, with a focus on improving and increasing awareness in the area. She has conducted many training workshops over the years, 33 workshops in eleven different topics in Bahrain and Oman. Dr Suhaila has published 13 individually and joint research work since 1999. She has published a book in 2012 called: Workplace Emotions, Emotional Intelligence in Bahraini Management with Richard Tzudiker. Her association and membership in professional bodies has added to her academic experience and widened her knowledge.

Selected Publications:

  • Alhashem,I Suhaila. (Aug 2013) Measuring Students' Emotional Intelligence In Public Universities: A Case on Oman and Bahrain. International Journals of Research In Commerce and Management (IJRCM), Vol 3, issue 8.
  • Alhashem,I Suhaila. (June 2013) Challenges Facing Omani Managers in the Public Sector, the Role of Change and Culture, Internatoinal Forum of Researchers Students and Academician (IBR), Volume 3, issue 2.
  • Alhashem,I Suhaila and Zahra, Hajee. (Jan 2013) The Relationship Between Leadership, Education Level, and Emotional Intelligence in Bahrain, Prabandham: Indian Journal of Management, Volume 6, No.1.
  • Hajee, Zahra & Alhashem,I Suhaila. (Aug 2013) Leadership Styles: A Study of Managers in Bahraini Organizations, International Journal of Science and Engineering Investigations, Volume 1, issue6, ISSN:2251-8843
  • Alhashem,I Suhaila (April 2012) Investigating the Role of Interpersonal Communication on Academic Staff, The Case of Public Universities in Bahrain, IJSEI, Volume 1, Issue 3.