Dr. Abdullah Al Hajri

Title:Assistant Professor
Room #:39 Ground Floor
Ext. #:2944


Fields of Interest:

Logistics, Technology, Operations, Health.


PhD., Manufacturing Engineering and Management, University of New South Wales, 2008.
Msc., Transportation and Logistics Management, University of Arkansas, 2001.
Abdullah Al Hajri, an Assistant Professor at Sultan Qaboos University, specializes in logistics and operations management. His current research interests include Lean application in Healthcare industry in Oman, national logistics integration, implementation of logistics-related technology. He holds a 2008 PhD in Manufacturing Engineering and Management from the University of New South Wales and a 2001 MSc in Transportation and logistics Management from the University of Arkansas. He has over eight years teaching experience in operations management, logistics/supply chain management and business statistics. He has published several papers in the logistics and operations management disciplines.

Selected Publications:

  • Al-Balushi, S., Sohal A., Singh PJ., Al Hajri AS., Al Farsi Y., Al Abri R., Readiness Factors for Lean Implementation in Healthcare Settings – A Literature Review, Journal of Health Organization and Management, Volume 28 issue 2, 2014.
  • Al Hajri, AS., Hossain, MZ., and Khadem, MR., (2012). Drivers of relational capital (supply chain management). Paper presented in the Eurasia Business and Economics Society (EBES) international conference, May 24-26, Istanbul, Turkey, 2012.
  • Al Hajri, AS., and Hasan, M., “Logistics Technology Transfer Process Model”, Proceedings of IEEE International Technology Management Conference, San Jose, USA, 2011.
  • Tasgetiren, MF, Suganthan, PN, Chua, TJ, and Al Hajri, AS., “Differential Evolution Algorithms for the Generalized Assignment Problem”, Proceedings of the Eleventh conference on Congress on Evolutionary Computation, Trondheim, Norway, 2009.
  • Al Hajri, AS and Hasan, M, “logistics technology implementation process: a causal model”, Proceedings of the 21st Annual Conference of the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management, University of Western Sydney, Sydney, Australia, 2007.