Dr. Amar Oukil

Title:Assistant Professor
Room #:24 Ground Floor
Ext. #:2938

Fields of Interest:

Performance analysis - Optimization – Vehicle routing - Production planning



Ph.D. in Management Science, Lancaster University, 2008. 

M.S. in Operations Research, University of Montreal, 2004. 

M.S. in Industrial Engineering, Ecole Polytechnique, 1995 

B.S. in Industrial Engineering, Ecole Polytechnique, 1990.

Dr. Oukil is Assistant Professor of Operations Management at Sultan Qaboos University. Dr. Oukil graduated from Lancaster University with a Ph.D. in Management Science and holds a Master’s in Applied Mathematics from the University of Montreal, as well as a Master’s in Industrial engineering from the Ecole Polytechnique. Dr. Oukil’s research interests are focused on developing Operational Research models and solutions to support decision processes in various application contexts. Dr. Oukil worked as consultant in different industries, like electricity, oil and gas, steel, transportation, construction, healthcare, finance, etc. Dr. Oukil has over twenty years teaching experience in diverse cultural environments.

Selected Publications:

  • Oukil, A. (2018). Ranking via composite weighting schemes under a DEA cross-evaluation framework. Computers & Industrial Engineering, 117, 217-224.
  • Oukil, A. Govindaluri, S.M. (2017). A systematic approach for ranking football players within an integrated DEA-OWA framework. Managerial & Decision Economics, 38 (8), 1125–1136.
  • Oukil, A. Channouf, N. Al-Zidi, A. (2016). Performance evaluation of the hotel industry in an emerging tourism destination: Case of Oman. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management, 29, 60–68.
  • Oukil, A. Amin, G.R. (2015). Maximum appreciative cross-efficiency in DEA: A new ranking method. Computers & Industrial Engineering, 81, 14–21.
  • Saeidi, R.G. Oukil, A. Amin, G.R. Raissi, S. (2015). Prioritization of textile fabric defects using ordered weighted averaging operator. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 76, 745–752.