Dr. Nabil Channouf

Title:Assistant Professor
Room #:27 Ground Floor
Ext. #:2940

Fields of Interest:

Probability and statistics: forecasting, time series, statistical inference, regression models (generalized linear mixed models and hierarchical generalized linear models). - Operations Research models. - Simulation and stochastic models. - Financial engineering (portfolio credit risk)


Ph.D. in Operations Research, 2008, Université de Montréal, Canada.
M. Sc. In Statistics, 1997, Université de Montréal, Canada.
Dr. Nabil Channouf joined the Department of Operations Management and Business Statistics of the College of Economics and Political Sciences in 2012. He served at the same place as Visiting Consultant on 2010. He was Assistant Professor at the Department of Business Administration at the Faculty of Economics and Administration of King Abdul-Aziz University, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He served as Postdoctoral Researcher at Group for Research in Decision Analysis and HEC Montréal in Canada. He was Invited Researcher at HEC Montréal . Dr. Nabil has a teaching experience in several universities in Tunisia, Canada, Saudi Arabia and the Sultanate of Oman. He has also a large experience in Industry as Statistician. He worked at the National Institute of Statistics and the Secretary of State for Information Technology in Tunisia.

Selected Publications:

  • N. Channouf, M. Fredette, and B. MacGibbon, 2014. Sample size calculations for Poisson and Zero-Inflated Poisson Regression Models with Many Covariates. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 72, pages 241-251.
  • N. Channouf and P. L'Ecuyer, 2012. A Normal Copula Model for the Arrival Process in Call Centers. International Transactions in Operational Research, 19, pages 771-787.
  • A. N. Avramidis, N. Channouf, and P. L'Ecuyer, 2009. Efficient Correlation Matching or Fitting Discrete Multivariate Distributions with Arbitrary Marginals and Normal Copula Dependence. Journal on Computing, 21 (1), pages 88-106.
  • N. Channouf and P. L'Ecuyer, 2009. Fitting a Normal Copula for a Multivariate Distribution with Both Discrete and Continuous Marginals. Proceedings of the 2009 Winter Simulation Conference.
  • N. Channouf, P. L'Ecuyer, A. Ingolfsson, and A. N. Avramidis, 2007. The Application of Forecasting Techniques to Modeling Emergency Medical System Calls in Calgary, Alberta. Health Care Management Science}, 10 (1), pages 25-45.