Dr. M, Shafiqur Rahman

Title:Associate Professor
Room #:23 Ground Floor
Ext. #:2937

Fields of Interest:

Model Selection, Data Analysis, Inferential Statistics and Business Statistics


B.Sc. Hons and M.Sc. (Jahangirnagar, Bangladesh)
MPhil (Panjab, India), PhD (Dalhousie, Canada)
Dr. M. Shafiqur Rahman was born and brought up in Bangladesh and then migrated to Australia. He has long teaching experience at six Universities named Chittagong University of Bangladesh, Dalhousie and Saint Mary’s University of Canada, Monash University of Australia, University of Papua New Guinea and Sultan Qaboos University of Oman. He taught various Statistics and Mathematics courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He has published 36 research papers in many internationally refereed journals including Communications in Statistics (USA), Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation (USA), International Business and Economics Research Journal (USA), Journal of Applied Probability and Statistics (USA), Journal of Probability and Statistical Science (Taiwan), The Global Economy and Finance Journal (Australia), International Review of Business Research Papers (Australia), Humanomics (UK), British Journal of Arts and Social Science (UK), Far East Journal of theoretical Statistics (India), Journal of Information and Optimization Sciences (India) and Pakistan Journal of Statistics (Pakistan). He attended conferences and presented 52 papers in different countries including USA, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Turkey, UAE, Indonesia, Qatar, Bangladesh and Oman. He is a member of several professional societies. Currently he is Associate Editors of two International Journals (i) the Journal of Applied Probability and Statistics and (ii) Global Journal of Quantitative Science.

Selected Publications:

  • Rahman, M.S. (2014): Statistical Analysis of Democracy Index, To be appeared in Humanomics [Published by Emerald Group Publishing Ltd, UK]
  • Rahman, M.S. (2013): Relationship among GDP, Per Capita GDP, Literacy Rate and Unemployment Rate, British Journal of Arts and Social Science, 14 (2), 169-177 [Published by British Journal Publishing Inc, UK]
  • Kabir, M. and Rahman, M.S. (2012): Population Projection of Oman, Implications for Future Development, Journal of Education, Business and Society, Contemporary Middle Eastern Issues, 5 (3), 163-170 [Published by Emerald Group Publishing Ltd, UK]
  • Rahman, M.S. and King, M.L. (1999): Improved model selection criterion, Communications in Statistics, Simulation and Computation, 28(1), 51-71. [Published by Marcel Dekker, Inc., USA]
  • Rahman, M.S. and Gupta, R.P. (1993): Family of Transformed Chi-square distributions, Communications in Statistics, Theory and Methods, 22(1), 135-146. [Published by Marcel Dekker, Inc., USA]