Dr. Sujeet Kumar Sharma

Title:Assistant Professor & MBA Director
Room #:29 Ground Floor
Ext. #:2941

Fields of Interest:

Business Analytics - Data Mining in Business Decisions - Structural Equation Modeling - Cricket Statistics


Ph.D. (Statistics), CCS University, INDIA
M.Tech. (Computer Science), IETE, Delhi, INDIA
M.Sc. (Statistics), CCS University, INDIA
M.Sc. (Mathematics), Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, INDIA
CSIR-NET in Mathematical Sciences
Dr. Sujeet Kumar Sharma, Assistant Professor in the Department of Operations Management and Business Statistics since 2011. His teaching interests include the areas of Data Mining, Business Analytics, Structural Equation Modeling, Computer Software for Business Statistics (SPSS), Multivariate Data Analysis, and Forecasting Models. He has published in a number of internationally refereed journals including Information System Frontiers (Springer), Behavior and Information Technology (Taylor & Francis), Computers in Human Behavior (Elsevier), Measurement (Elsevier) European Journal of Sports Sciences (Taylor & Francis), Management Research Review (Emerald), Journal of Modelling in Management (Emerald), Journal of Indian Business Research (Emerald), Journal of Enterprise Information Management (Emerald), and other reputed journals and conferences. Dr. Sharma received University Award for Excellence in Research, 2014 and Best Teacher Award in 2015, 2016 and 2017. He is also an active reviewer in a number of international journals including Information Technology and People, Industrial Management and Data Systems, Computers in Human Behavior, International Journal of Production Research, International Journal of Information Management, Computer and Education, and other journals. Dr. Sharma has authored a book on “Computer Based Numerical and Statistical Techniques” for undergraduate students.

Selected Publications:

  • Sujeet Kumar Sharma (2017). Integrating cognitive antecedents into TAM to explain mobile banking behavioral intention: A SEM-neural network modeling. Information Systems Frontiers, 1-13. [Publisher: Springer, Indexed in Scopus, Impact factor 2.52, ABDC Ranking: A]
  • Sujeet Kumar Sharma, Gaur, A., Saddikuti, V., & Rastogi, A. (2017). Structural equation model (SEM)-neural network (NN) model for predicting quality determinants of e-learning management systems. Behaviour & Information Technology, 36(10), 1053-1066. [Publisher: Taylor & Francis, Indexed in Scopus, Impact factor 1.39, ABDC Ranking: A]
  • Sujeet Kumar Sharma, Sarrab, M., & Al-Shihi, H. (2017). Development and validation of Mobile Learning Acceptance Measure (MLAM). Interactive Learning Environments, 25(7), 847-858. [Publisher: Taylor & Francis, Indexed in Scopus, Impact factor 1.67]
  • Sujeet Kumar Sharma, Joshi, A., and Sharma, H. (2016), "A multi-analytical approach to predict the Facebook usage in higher education" Computers in Human Behavior, Vol. 55, Part A, pp. 340-353 [Publisher: Elsevier, Impact Factor 3.44, ISI Journal, Indexed in Scopus, ABDC Ranking: B]
  • Sujeet Kumar Sharma, Al-Badi, A. H., Govindaluri, S. M., & Al-Kharusi, M. H. (2016). Predicting motivators of cloud computing adoption: A developing country perspective. Computers in Human Behavior, 62, 61-69. [Publisher: Elsevier, Impact factor 3.44, ISI Journal, Indexed in Scopus, ABDC Ranking: B]