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Information Systems Department Hosts a Renowned IS Scholar and Senior Editor of The Most Prestigious IS Journals
Professor Rajiv Kohli, one of the leading Information systems(IS) scholar was on a research visit from October 2nd-7th, 2017 for SQU granted project titled "Developing a Strategic Framework for ICT Investments in Omani Financial Institutions", and co-investigated by Dr. Kamla Al-Busaidi and Hon. Dr. Saeed Al-Muharami at the college of Economics and Political Science.
The Orientation Session of Oman National Cyber Security CTF Competition Started in SQU
The orientation session of Oman National Cyber Security CTF Competition started in SQU on September 25th hosted by the Information Systems department. The Cyber-Security competition is where participants demonstrate their technical ability in cyber security field. Winners of Oman National CTF will be directly qualified to play in the Arab Finals in December.
First CEPS Student Graduate in BSc Political Science Program: Ms. Maisa Mohamed Abdullah Al Jabri
For the past four years, I have been grateful to be an undergraduate student in the Political Science Department. I have attained a lot of professional and academic knowledge from all the respected faculty, and gained a valuable experience. 
Workshop: Anti-Corruption Importance of Integrity in a Business
In collaboration with Siemens and Pearl Initiative from the UAE (, College of Economics and Political Science (CEPS) hosted a workshop on “Anti-Corruption: Importance of Integrity in a Business” in April, 2017. 
Political Science Faculty and Students Visit Omani Embassy in Brussels
As part of their trip to NATO Headquarters and the European Parliament in March 2017, Political Science faculty Drs. Cuneyt Yenigen and Hani Albasoos visited His Excellency Omani Ambassador Najeem Bin Sulaiman Al-Abri, Sultanate's Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium and the European Union. 
CEPS Political Science Students at NATO Headquarters
In March, 2017, 30 CEPS students and faculty advisors travelled to Brussels on a study trip and attended two days of educational sessions in the NATO Headquarters. On Day One, students learned about NATO’s relations and security challenges with the Mediterranean and the Middle East region 
First Information Systems Forum: “Cybersecurity, Privacy and Trust”
The Department of Information Systems at the College of Economics & Political Science, Sultan Qaboos University organized today, the First Information Systems Forum on the topic “Cybersecurity, Privacy and Trust” under the patronage of H.E. Hussein bin Ali Al Hilali, the Attorney General on April 13th, 2017.
CEPs Political Science Students Visit the European Parliament
As part of CEPS Internationalization initiatives, 30 undergraduate and postgraduate CEPS Political Science students and faculty visited the European Parliament and the Europarliamentarium, the Museum of European Parliament on March 29, 2017. 
Sustainability of Islamic Banking: A Panel Discussion
College of Economics and Political science hosted an interesting panel discussion between a practitioner and an academic about the sustainability of Islamic banking. The panelists were Dr. Adnan Aziz and Dr. Zakaria Boualnauor. 
The Pearl Initiative Round Table Forum on “Women Careers in GCC”
Students and Faculty from college of economics and political science (CEPS) participated in The Pearl Initiative Round Table Forum on “Women Careers in GCC”. The Pearl Initiative is the leading independent, non-profit organisation working to improve corporate accountability and transparency in the Gulf Region.
CEPS has become Signatory of PRME
The College of Economics and Political Science (CEPS), Sultan Qaboos University is proud to announce that we have become a signatory in PRME – Principles of Responsible Management Education. Currently, CEPS has a strategy of advancing “Ethics and Responsibility” (الأخلاق والمسؤولية)
Experience as a Visiting Student at CEPS –  Pauline Koch (Bachelor student of International Relations from Germany), Fall 2016
Studying as a visiting student at SQU’s College of Economics and Political Science was a truly unique and enriching experience. From an academic point of view, it gave me the opportunity to learn about economic development and foreign policy from an Omani, Gulf and Middle Eastern perspective. 
The College of Economics and Political Science reached an important Milestone in its pursuit of educational excellence and received EQUIS Accreditation Eligibility on November 17, 2016. EQUIS is part of the EFMD: The Management Development Network, which is an international not-for-profit membership organization based in Brussels, 
Political Science Department Holds Seminar on European Union and GCC Relations

The Department of Political Science conducted a Seminar titled “EU-GCC Relations” on the 30th of January, 2017 presented by Dr. Steffen Bay Rasmussen, a Visiting Professor through the European Union Erasmus Mundus Exchange Program.  With POLS undergraduate and graduate students, along with faculty and respected guests in attendance, 

Dr. Houchang Hassan Yari Interviewed in Business Today
Dr. Houchang Hassan Yari provides many important reflections and comments on Iran's position in relation to the United States, the European Union, and the GCC region in an article in the January 2017 issue of Business Today. 
CEPS Students Manage New Awasr Telecom Company Branch Through Masar Student Training Program
The AWASR Masar Program is one of the wonderful experiences that I have had. Having a company to manage with more than 13 employees, and study in the university with overload courses at the same time, gave me a motivation to challenge myself to
During its annual regional partners meeting in November in Dubai, Deloitte admitted Ahmed al Qassabi as partner in Deloitte Middle East.
Qassabi has deep assurance, financial advisory and regulatory experience and has been instrumental in Deloitte’s Omanisation programme, which aims to develop the skills and careers of Omani youth so they can take leadership positions in the firm thus supporting the country’s Vision 2020
Dean Saeed Al-Muharrami Leads the State Council Sub-Committee on Banking Development
CEPS Dean Saeed Al-Muharrami has been selected by the State Council's Economic Committee to chair a special sub-committee on Oman Banking Development. Under his leadership, the sub-committee met on January 2 and discussed the future of national economic and financial development
Dr. Sujeet K. Sharma and Dr. S.M. Govindaluri serve as Guest Editors
Dr. Sujeet K. Sharma and Dr. S.M. Govindaluri of the CEPS, Department of Operations Management have been chosen to serve as guest editors of a special issue, "Technology Management in Business Education”, for the prestigious Journal of International Education in Business published by Emerald Publishers, UK. 
Second Political Forum was Held on 15th of November 2016
The Second Political Forum was held on Tuesday 15th of November 2016 at the Auditorium Hall in the Nursing College in Sultan Qaboos University under the Patronage of H.E. Dr. Khalid bin Salim Al Saidi, Head of the State Council. 
Political Science Department held a Seminar: “Appraising the Evolution of the Jus ad Bellum: History, Law, and Politics”
On the 26th of October a seminar on (Appraising the Evolution of the Jus ad Bellum: History, Law, and Politics) was held at the College of Economics and Political Science. The seminar was organized by Political Science department in collaboration with the University of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna to establish long-term academic and research ties between the two institutions.
International Relations Department in Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (Pisa) Establishes Ties with Political Science Department, CEPS - SQU
Under the auspices of the President of SQU, Vice Chancellor Dr. Ali Al-Bimani, and the Dean of the College of Economics and Political Science, Dr. Saeed Al-Muharami, the Department of Political Science invited Dr. Emmanuele Sommario from SCUOLA SUPERIORE SANT'ANNA in the period between 23 and 26 October 2016. 
Ceps Holds Inaugural Marketing Day
Under the patronage of Dr. Saeed Al-Muharrami, Dean of the College of Economics& Political Science, the Marketing Department held an inaugural marketing careers day on Thursday 13th  October 2016.
Dr. Ashrafi Selected Editor in Chief of International Journal
Information Systems Department Associate Professor Dr. Rafi Ashrafi has been nominated as Editor-In-Chief of International Journal of Business Engineering and Management Systems (IJBEMS)
 Citation of Excellence Award for CEPS Academic
CEPS Marketing faculty member and Head of Department, Dr. Khaldoon Nusair has received an Award Certificate from Emerald Group Publishing for his paper (“Generation Y travelers' commitment to online social network websites”, 
New achievement for CEPS students in the global competitive environment
Abdullah Mahmood Mohammed Al Hinai is the first Omani student who has been selected to attend X-Culture conference in Florida in November 2016. Abdullah is a Management at the College of Economics and Political Science, Sultan Qaboos University.
CEPS Pre-Eligibility Advisor Meeting Sianesi
On August 31, 2016, Dr. Andrea Sianesi, Dean of the Politecnico Milano, Italy MIP Graduate School of Business, arrived at CEPS to begin his appointment as the CEPS assigned EQUIS Accreditation advisor. During his two-day visit, Dr. Sianesi briefed and assisted CEPS Dean, Dr. Saeed Mubarak Al-Muharrami, 
EQUIS Pre-Eligibility Visit
On May 8, 2016, Dean Saaed Al-Muharrami and the faculty welcomed Prof. Susan Hart, Associate Director in Quality Services EFMD, who visited CEPS to conduct the College’s EQUIS Accreditation Pre-Eligibility visit. The visit was an important next step in the College’s continued progress toward EQUIS accreditation. 
Celebrate of graduating student No. 1000 from Library Program for the Community
College of Economics & Political Sciences at Sultan Qaboos University celebrated recently graduating the 40th batch and 1000th student of second phase school students for its unique program "Library for Society Initiative". The students participated in the program workshops and various activities. 
CEPS Faculty Attend Outcomes-Based Learning Objectives and Assessments Workshop
Over fifty CEPS faculty members gathered on February 25 to participate in a full day workshop, "Developing Outcome-based Learning Objectives and Related Assessments," organized by the CEPS Accreditation Committee and led by the SQU Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. 
The First Political Forum
The First Political Forum was held on the 22nd of February by the Political Science Group and Political Science Department. The Forum covered two sessions: The first one is Oman's Foreign Policy in which Dr. Cuneyt Yenigun talked about "Oman's Foreign Policy: GCC Relations" followed by Dr. Anwar Al Rawas who presented about "Oman's Foreign Policy: Concepts and Pillars".
CEPS Faculty Attend EQUIS Accreditation Workshop Conducted by Top Business School Expert Dr. David Weir
On December 7, 59 faculty members of the College of Economics and Political Science gathered at the Holiday Inn to attend a day long “Road to EQUIS Accreditation” and Intended Learning Objectives (ILOs) development workshop conducted by Guest of Honor Professor David Weir, the former head of four top UK Business Schools.
Political Science Department was hosted in MOFA Seminar

The Diplomatic Institute at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosted Political Science Department students for One-Day Training Seminar on 13th of December 2015. 42 students and 5 faculties joined to four sessions titled "Omani Foreign Policy", "Diplomatic Immunities", "Consulate Duties" and "International Agreements".

Advisory Board First Meeting
The twenty-seventh of May 2015 witnessed the first meeting of the advisory board which aim to enable effective partnership between the business community in Oman and the EPCS. 
The Gallery of "The Initiative of the Library program to the Community"
The Gallery of "The Initiative of the Library program to the Community" was opened last Thursday, under the patronage of Sheikh Dr Khalid bin Mohammed bin Zaher Al Hinai, advisor of Vice Chancellor for Environmental Affairs and Community Service, at Sultan Qaboos University
College of Economics and Political Science is now an Affiliated EFMD Member
EFMD is one of the key business schools networks in the world and being a part of the network will bring many opportunities for faculty & student exchanges, knowledge sharing and collaboration
Sedona System Training
The College of Economics and political Science has adopted SEDONA Systems for the management of academic activities of its staff and students for quality assurance and EQUIS accreditation. It will help us in collecting all the required information at one place. It allows members to maintain their teaching, research, service, experience, development, credentials, and assessment records.
College Retreat at the Al-Bustan Palace Hotel on Saturday 14th  March 2015

The College of Economics & Political Science is intending to obtain an Accreditation Body from EQUIS, which was founded in 1997 by the EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development) based in Brussels. 

NATO and European Parliament Visits in Brussels
The Political Science Department was invited to visit NATO Headquarters and the European Parliament in March 2014. Master students of International Relations and Security Studies  and faculty members joined the visit as well as some selected MBA students. 
The 12th Business Week
In April 2014, the ADTCS organized its 12th Business week under the theme: Innovation in SMEs which was targeted to various sectors in the community including entrepreneurs, higher education graduates, school students, private sector, public sector and the general public.
Alumni Gathering 2014
On the 1st of April 2014, the ADTCS organized the second Alumni Gathering event. The event we very well received by the graduates, the members of the college and by the community.
5th Used Books Charity Fair
In March 2014, the college conducted the fifth annual used books exhibition. This is a community service projects in which the college aims to encourage reading, knowledge dissemination and sharing of books. 
Gulf Security and NATO Seminar
Dr. Cuneyt Yenigun has given a seminar titled "Gulf Security and NATO" on 3rd of December, 2014. He talked about Gulf Security and GCC capabilities to cope with external issues, NATO relations with the Gulf countries by using ICI Agreement