EQUIS Pre-Eligibility Visit
  • 05/22/2016
  • EQUIS Pre-Eligibility Visit
  • On May 8, 2016, Dean Saaed Al-Muharrami and the faculty welcomed Prof. Susan Hart, Associate Director in Quality Services EFMD, who visited CEPS to conduct the College’s EQUIS Accreditation Pre-Eligibility visit. The visit was an important next step in the College’s continued progress toward EQUIS accreditation. Prof. Hart, who was the former Dean of Strathclyde Business College and will soon become the new Dean of the Durham Business School.  Along with EQUIS, Prof. Hart is also a member of the Board of Directors of AACSB, the European Advisory Committee and Accreditation Panel for AACSB, the Executive Committee of the Academy of Marketing and is Vice Dean Academic of the Senate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, as well as a Fellow of the Marketing Society, The Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Leadership Trust Foundation.

    In his opening speech, Dean Saeed emphasized the importance of Prof. Hart’s visit as a further reflection of the College’s strong commitment to excellence:

    “In the quest for the quality and meeting the international standards, we, at the College of Economics and Political Science decided to apply to EQUIS Accreditation. By applying to EQUIS Accreditation, we are not trying merely to get the certificate; rather, we want whatever we do in our daily activities in teaching, research, and community service are based on the international quality benchmark. We want the quality to be part of our life in whatever we are doing now, and whatever we are going to do in our strategic thinking and plan. We want the quality to be a norm rather than a required exercise.”

    As part of her day-long visit, Prof. Hart first oriented over 80 faculty in attendance to EQUIS educational standards, the eligibility process, and the advancement steps toward accreditation.  She also met with Dean Saeed, the CEPS Executive Board and the College’s Accreditation Committee to review the College’s Eligibility Application and offer suggestions for future revisions and tasks necessary for the next Pre-Eligibility phase.  On May 15, 2016, Prof. Hart issued a very positive report on her visit and recommended that CEPS advance to the Pre-Eligibility phase. The CEPS Accreditation Committee will now work with an assigned EQUIS Advisor, who will guide the College’s application to the Eligibility phase of the EQUIS Accreditation process.