CEPS Pre-Eligibility Advisor Meeting Sianesi
  • 09/20/2016
  • CEPS Pre-Eligibility Advisor Meeting Sianesi
  • On August 31, 2016, Dr. Andrea Sianesi, Dean of the Politecnico Milano, Italy MIP Graduate School of Business, arrived at CEPS to begin his appointment as the CEPS assigned EQUIS Accreditation advisor. During his two-day visit, Dr. Sianesi briefed and assisted CEPS Dean, Dr. Saeed Mubarak Al-Muharrami, the College Accreditation Committee, the Assistants Deans, the Heads of Departments and faculty representatives with the final work needed to complete the CEPS EQUIS Accreditation Eligibility Application.  Dr. Sianesi’s visit is an important milestone as it demonstrates the continued strong progress that the College is making toward EQUIS Eligibility.  His appointment followed the very positive report issued on May 15, 2016 by EQUIS Evaluator Professor  Susan Hart who recommended that CEPS advance to the EQUIS Accreditation Pre-Eligibility phase.

    As an assessment of the August meeting, Dean Saeed Mubarak Al-Muharrami offered the following statement:

    “I am very delighted to convey to everyone the feedback from Professor Andrea Sianesi, who praised the professionalism and the quality of work that CEPS has submitted and stated that "it indicates the quality of the faculty members at CEPS.” As always, I am proud of our CEPS faculty members. My special thanks to the Accreditation Committee members for their hard work and my thanks is also extended to Assistants Dean, Head of Departments, and all faculty members for their continuous support.”

    This fall the Accreditation Committee will continue to work with the Assistant Deans, Heads of Department, faculty and students to carry out Dr. Sianesi’s recommendations and finalize the CEPS EQUIS Accreditation Eligibility Application for a November 2016 submittal.