The Orientation Session of Oman National Cyber Security CTF Competition Started in SQU
  • 10/02/2017
  • The Orientation Session of Oman National Cyber Security CTF Competition Started in SQU
  • The orientation session of Oman National Cyber Security CTF Competition started in SQU on September 25th hosted by the Information Systems department. The Cyber-Security competition is where participants demonstrate their technical ability in cyber security field. Winners of Oman National CTF will be directly qualified to play in the Arab Finals in December. The CTF will be a Jeopardy style where every team will have a list of challenges in different categories like reverse engineering, web security, digital forensics, network security and others. For every Challenge solved, the team will get a certain amount of points depending on the difficulty of the challenges. The team who will get the highest score at the end of the day will be the winning team. The winner Team will get ticket and accommodation to travel to Egypt to compete other teams regionally. More information and competition registration can be found at: The site also has several exercises that participants can practice and prepare for the competition.

    The competition orientation sessions were held in different colleges and universities in Oman between 25- 28 September 2017. The completion Online qualification will be during 26- 28 October 2017, and the final round will be held in 11 November 2017 in Sultan Qaboos University.

    The competition is organized by Cyber Talent and Arab Regional Cyber Security center, and hosted by Oman CERT, with Micro Trend strategic partner and the Information Systems department, at CEPS, SQU as the supporting partner.

    Dr. Mohammed Al-Fairuz , the SQU focal contact of the competition , indicated that this contest allows students to get hands-on cyber security. It is an opportunity for the students to demonstrate their skills and apply their knowledge in a scenario-based challenges. He also added that CTF is a world recognized competition, and exposing Omani students to such contest will help organizations to identify the players’ strengths and therefore ease the procurement process accordingly.

    Dr. Kamla Al-Busaidi, the Head of the Information Systems department, added that hosting the final round of Oman National Cyber Security CTF Competition is to promote awareness and knowledge sharing in the cyber security and information systems security field among students in SQU and Oman, and to have SQU as the leading platform for any national level competition for students in Oman to network, exchange knowledge and experience and demonstrate skills.