New achievement for CEPS students in the global competitive environment

  • 10/26/2016 10:19:00 PM
  New achievement for CEPS students in the global competitive environment

Abdullah Mahmood Mohammed Al Hinai is the first Omani student who has been selected to attend X-Culture conference in Florida in November 2016. Abdullah is a Management at the College of Economics and Political Science, Sultan Qaboos University. He was selected as one of the best 50 students out of 3000 students from all around the world who came together to collaborate in a cross cultural teams.

X- Culture project is an international project where thousands of students and professionals from over 40 countries take part in a competition. Students have to deal with time differences and collaborate across cultures and borders where they will visualize a real global work place. In every academic semester 3000 students from 100 universities participate in this project.

In describing his experierence, Mr. Al Hinai said:

“The project was required from all of the student who study international management with Dr. James Rajasekar. In addition, I heard about the x-culture project from my colleagues and I was very enthusiastic toward it, since it is my first time to socialize with business students from all around the world. At that time I knew it will be a challenging task but I will gain a great experience in return that will be helpful for my study and my career as well. My team were composed of seven members chosen randomly by the x-culture committee from different countries.

Basically the purpose of the X-Culture project is to develop a business proposal for a real company. We did our project analysis for Caffè Vergnano Company. We worked together for several months using social media tools. Furthermore, one of the real challenges I faced is the time difference I faced with my team. At the beginning it was hard to find a suitable time for all of us to discuss and chat and agree upon our project. But after a while I found the best solution which is to set three specific times where we almost all of us can meet. And at the end of the week I made a review about what we have done and what we should do in the next stage.

 At the end of the project I got selected as one of the best 50 students because I got high scores in my weekly evaluation and this is because my team members were satisfied with my leadership, problem solving and motivating skills."

CEPS wishes to congratulate Addullah and also thank faculty member Dr. James Rajasekar who introduced his students to this important opportunity to work with fellow students around the world.