CEPS expands global opportunities for students through Summer International Internship

  • 9/24/2018 12:37:00 AM

The College of Economics and Political Science has offered 13 students the opportunity to be part of CEPS international internship program this summer. Partnering with Omani Authority of Partnership for Development, Capital Market Authority, Pearl Initiative, IAESTE and Muscat Securities Market, CEPS is able to provide their students valuable cultural and work experience to: Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Iran, UAE, Germany and Kazakhstan. Dr. Sami Al Kharusi, Assistant Dean for Training and Community Services, who leads the international summer internship program, said that CEPS summer international internship program is an important part of CEPS educational package. We consider this as a win-win where international companies get to see new talent and innovative ideas and the students participating in the program learn from working in different environment, learn to adapt and develop a greater sense of responsibility. More information about the CEPS summer international internship program is posted online in CEPS website.