The basic mission of the Office of the Assistant Dean for Postgraduate Studies & Research (ADPGSR) is of two-folds: 

1): Postgraduate Studies to coordinate the admission and registration process of postgraduate students with the Deanship of Postgraduate Studies. Office of the ADPGSR is working on improving the postgraduate programs, increasing the number of postgraduate students, and facilitating funding for the College of Economics and Political Science (CEPS) postgraduate students; 

2) Research to enhance the strength and vitality of Business research by identifying new opportunities, developing collaborations and establishing partnerships between faculty, industry, and government units.

I hope the information available in our website will be helpful to our current as well as our future students and researchers.
We will be glad to receive feedback and comments from our alumni, current and future students, faculty members, researchers and our advisory board members.

                     Dr. Salem Al-Abri
Assistant Dean for Postgraduate Studies & Research