Main Tasks (Based on SQU circular 16/2010)
1. Chair college committees for training and community services and provide leadership in planning, coordination, direction, and evaluation of formal student training programs in the college.
2. Serve as a liaison for the college with industrial, legal, educational, medical, agricultural, and business communities, establish a positive working relationship with them, and identify opportunities for faculty and students to interact with them.
3. Keep records of training activates in the college, develop an annual report that tracks student progression and accomplishments in training, evaluate training programs, visit training programs sites, and provide feedback and suggestion for improvements. 
4. Identify, solicit, and manage training opportunities, grants, and contracts from variety of local and foreign sources.
5. Monitor current trends and issues in student training, and accordingly update college plans on training.
6. Develop and maintain and up-to-date base about the college alumni, liaise with them, organize alumni activates and event to promote SQU programs and services. 
7. Liaise with the Center for Community Services and Continues Education to organize short courses, workshops, and programs offered by the college.
8. Meet regularly with faculty and/or curriculum committee to assess status, needs improvements, and evaluation of programs, training, and courses regarding their support to the market in Oman.
9. Carry out any other duties assigned to him/her by the dean.