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Economics and Finance group

Description  Economics and Finance group in a part of Business Society. It is responsible for two majors activities; Economics and Finance. 
Objectives Decreasing the gap between the theory part and practical one in the two majors(Economics and Finance), involving students in a work other than the academics work and educating & awake them about different related issues.
Year of establishment 2005
Main events within the last two years MSM Forums, lectures, workshops and section in business weeks
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Information System Group (ISG)

Description  Information System Group (ISG) is a student-based group in the College of Commerce and Economics, Sultan Qaboos University.
Objectives The main objective of the group is to give the department students the chance to present and improve their leadership skills through organizing events, activities and lectures, implementing what was learnt theoretically and make it alive and finally it plays a major role in linking the IS student with different organizations in Oman.
Year of establishment Before 2006
Main events within the last two years We participated in many events
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Facebook| isg-ceps & ISG-SQU
Twitter| @SQU_ISG

Marketing Group

Description  Marketing Group is an active group of students under the umbrella of Business Society in the college of Economics and Political Science. MG brings together students of SQU who are interested in the vast and dynamic environment of marketing. The members of the group come from all walks of life with a common passion of marketing binding them together. They bring to the table a diverse and healthy mix of backgrounds, aiming to work in different roles within marketing and sales post.
Objectives To complement the marketing curriculum to expand students marketing knowledge base.
To provide students with events and encourage them to explore possible interest in marketing related topics.
To support students ideas and give them opportunities to implement them.
Year of establishment Before 2006
Main events within the last two years Marketing Competition (2012)
Marketing Competition 2 (2013)
3M&C Union (2013)

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Instagram/ Twitter: @MG_squ

Oman Management Group

Description  Oman Management group is one of the bright groups in College of Economics and Political Science. The group was founded in 2001 by CEPS students in purpose of reinforcing academic concepts in general and management concepts in particular and developing students' skills and talents.
Objectives Reinforce effective collaboration between students and faculty members to achieve university objectives.
Enhance students' understanding of academic concepts by applying them in reality through workshops and lectures.
Build students' confidence by encouraging them to participate in different events.
Improve students' personalities to prepare them to be the leaders of the future.
Promote teamwork, effective communication skills and integration in different environments
Year of establishment 2001
Main events within the last two years HR Gathering
Leadership Academy
Connectors Team

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Operation Management and Business Statistics

Description  Operations Management and Business Statistics (OMBS) is a student group that organizes and represents activities and events of students in the department of Operations Management and Business Statistics and it is one of eight groups that goes under the Business Society at the College of Economics and Political Science.
Objectives Create partnerships with public and private organizations to share knowledge and expertise in areas related to Operations Management and Business Statistics.
Create an environment that cultivates students’ talents and skills.
Main events within the last two years First Logistics Companies Forum (2010)
Second Logistics Companies Forum (2011)


Information Center group

Description  ICG is a part of Business Society, interest in books and reading
Objectives Encourage people to read and give the books longer life
Year of establishment 2009
Main events within the last two years Charity Book Fair
Discussing Sessions
My Book my Health

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Business Women Group (BWG)

Description  BWG is female student-based group. It aims to provide the opportunity for all female students in the college to share ideas and talents, gain different skills, and get them involved in the activities usually denominated by male students.
Objectives Prepare skillful business women in the future.
Discuss the modern issues related to woman in different fields.
Encourage female students to innovative thinking and self-development at the same level as male students.
Provide entertainment arts away from the academic pressure.
Year of establishment 2010 - 2011
Main events within the last two years Omani Woman Day (annual activity)
Participating in 8th MSM gathering (workshop)
Seminars and workshops (ex: communication and human development)
Sessions (ex: how can you face worst barriers)
Participation in Business Week

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Facebook: BWG_SQU
Twitter: @BWG_SQU