Since its inauguration in 2000, CESAR was the hub of environmental basic and strategic research at Sultan Qaboos University, and the gateway for faculty and student to the latest innovation in their fields. In February 2016, the Center for Environmental Studies and Research (CESAR) move in a new period of organization, and a new research clusters initiative has been launched. The program supports groups of researcher organized to address interdisciplinary environmental problem in partnership with researcher from different colleges and centers.  The clusters have been organized around five interdisciplinary collaborative research initiatives that can serve as bridges between Sultan Qaboos University and off-campus communities:


1-     Ecosystems Sustainability

2-     Climate Change and Atmospheric Sciences

3-     Environmental Pollution

4-     Environmental Hazards

5-     Urban Sprawl and Green Initiatives


Each research cluster is led by a Research Leader with the support of a research coordinator from CESAR. These clusters

which involve faculty and students from across departments and colleges, will offer Sultan Qaboos University pillars of research activity that will keep CESAR grant-competitive and innovative.