The Research Chair for Economic Studies is a joint project between Sultan Qaboos University and Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It aims to foster greater understanding of the main economic, business and development issues affecting economic and social development in the Sultanate of Oman. It also aims to support the country in achieving the goals set out in its national development plans and Vision 2040.

The establishment of the Chair comes at a critical juncture in Omani history as the Sultanate embarks on a comprehensive program to turn the country into a modern, developed nation by 2040. The Chair is expected to play a vital role in address key economic and social challenges facing the nation; provide new insights, guidance and support to achieve greater diversification and international competitiveness; and contribute towards the creation of knowledge economy.

The Chair will operate as a catalyst to build bridges between the university, the private sector and the government for greater impact in our collective efforts to modernize the nation and a facilitator for capacity building in research and human development, while turning Sultan Qaboos University into a center of excellence in economic studies.  


The Research Chair is a new multidisciplinary research forum. It conducts and supports applied research and empirical studies in economics, finance, business and related disciplines, as well as providing research-based policy advice and consulting services that are vital in decision making at policy and corporate levels.  

Underpinned by extensive, independent research, the Chair works towards creating an environment designed to deliver tangible change by creating awareness, promoting and supporting private sector-led economic development in Oman. The work done under the Chair will ultimately help the country to unlock the potential of the private sector in economic development and achieve higher levels of economic and social inclusion in line with Oman’s national development plans and Vision 2040.

The Chair will focus on building research capacity and human development at SQU and across the Sultanate through the provision of graduate programs and supervision of graduate students.


The Chair will have six overarching objectives:

  • Produce cutting-edge research in applied economics, business, finance and development and other related areas to Oman economy.
  • Help Oman realize its strategic goals as outlined in national development plans and visions.
  • Provide advice and guidance to Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry and other stakeholders in making decisions that contribute to the country’s economic and social development through evidence-based policy recommendations.
  • Support staff and students at Sultan Qaboos University to acquire knowledge and skills in areas related to economic studies, as well as training and equipping a new generation of Omani researchers, professionals and entrepreneurs with the cultural and scholarly tools to lead economic growth.  
  • Promote policy change needed to empower and support private enterprise and educate stakeholders on the role of the private sector in diversifying growth, driving competitiveness, and achieving sustainable economic development.
  • Establish links and collaborative relations between the Research Chair and other research institutions, the private sector and policy makers in Oman and globally.