FAQ in Account
  1. I am a student, how do I register for a University internet account?
  2. I'm a new employee in SQU, how do I register for a University internet account?
  3. How long can I keep my student account?
  4. I’m  a student and a member of staff – do I really need two IT accounts?
  5. How do I reset the internet password ? 
  1. Normally, students can create their own accounts by visiting Activate Account page. Otherwise, you can visit CIS building, Support Desk, bring your student ID with you.
  2. You can create your own accounts by visiting Activate Account page.
  3. Your University IT account is linked to your student record - you can use your account for as long as you are a student. It will be disabled at the end of the following 3 months after your graduation.  Your IT account cannot be extended any longer than this. You may lose access to your account more quickly than this if   you leave for reasons other than graduation (e.g. you withdraw or fail). However, if you are continuing to study after this, you may be able to request an extension to your student account by contacting helpdesk at CIS.
  4. Yes, each of your accounts is linked to the systems that contain information about your student and employee status.  There will be tasks that you need to carry out as a student (example: through the student home page) for which you will need a student University IT account. Similarly, there may be things you need to do online as a member of staff, for which you will need your staff University, IT account. It is not possible for us to create a single IT account that allows you to do all of these things (in some cases they may even clash with each other).
  5. Please visit Change Password page to reset your password.