Services of Conference Management System

Organizing conferences is a frequent task performed by various colleges/units in the University. All conferences have common tasks of registrations, paper’s abstract submission, event registration, abstract approval, payment etc.
Conference Management System aims to provide a common service for all colleges/units of the university providing features to perform above tasks.


The following features are available/planned in Conference Management System


1. For Users

  1. Register for a Conference [Fig - 1]
    This feature will allows a student or faculty to register for the conference by providing his/her basic details. User can also select from type of registrations. Registration fee information will be displayed. And in future there is a plan to integrate this with payment gateways for online payment.
  2. Submit Paper Proposal/Abstract [Fig - 2a, 2b & 2c]
    This feature allows academicians to submit their paper abstract/proposal through an online form. They can provide paper title, abstract, overview etc. Word and character count validation is implemented on the form to restrict users from entering extra data.
  3. Sign-up & Sing-in [Fig - 3]
    The presenter (faculty) has to sign-up to submit a paper abstract/proposal. Later he can log in and check status of the same. He can use the same login to submit papers to any other conference organized within SQU.
  4. View submitted papers list with status [Fig - 4]
    After logging in, faculty can view list of his paper abstract submitted to all the conference organized within SQU.
  5. Edit proposal [Fig - 5]
    After logging in, faculty can edit any paper abstract/proposal submitted by them before it’s status is changed by conference admin i.e. accepted or rejected.

2. For Conference Admin

  1. View conference list [Fig – 6]
    For each conference, one or more faculty from the college/department can be allocated as conference admin. When conference admin log into the system they will see the list of conferences conducted by their department/college.
  2. View conference user registrations [Fig – 7]
    For each conference, conference admin can view list of all candidates registered for the conference. The list will show each candidate details and type of registration.


Fig – 1 : Conference Registration Form


Fig – 2a : Paper abstract submission + signup





Fig – 2b : Paper title, absract, overview etc


Fig – 2c : Other details of paper abstract submission




Fig – 3 : Sign-up & Sign-in





Fig – 4 : List of paper abstract submitted by a faculty for all conference in SQU




Fig – 5 : Paper abstract edit form (after login)





Fig – 6 : List of conference (Conference Admin)





Fig – 7 : List of conference registrations



Fig – 8 : List of submitted paper abstract/proposals



Fig – 9 : Accept/reject paper abstract/proposal