FAQ in E-mail

1. What is my email address?

Staff - Your email address will be in the following format: username@squ.edu.om
Student - Your email address will be in the following format: username@student.squ.edu.om

2. How can I login to my email account?

Students: Go to https://mail.student.squ.edu.om/ , using your internet username and password. 

Staff / Faculty: Go to https://mail.squ.edu.om/ , using your internet username and password. 

3. Do I have an email address based on my name and not on my student number?

Student usernames are preassigned based on the student’s actual SQU ID number, students are not allowed any other username. 

Staff are allowed to express a preference for a particular username depending upon their personal needs.
Staff will be assigned their requested username if it is compliant with the permitted SQU email format, and then, only if
it has not already been assigned to someone else.

4. I've forgotten my password!

Please visit Forgot Password

5. How much information can I store in my email account?

Staff : 5 GB
Student : 25 GB

6. What happens if I go over my quota?

You will not be able to send or receive any more email if you go over your quota, so you must delete some of
your email. Try emptying your sent items folder.

7. Can I forward my student email to another email account?

Yes you can, but not advisable.

8. I've recently graduated from SQU, will I get a new E-mail account?

Yes, if you register as an Alumni.

9. How to configure email in mobile ?

Email Address : username@student.squ.edu.om
User Name : username@student.squ.edu.om
Domain : student.squ.edu.om
Server URL : m.outlook.com
SSL : yes

10. Will my email ever be locked? How long will it be locked? For what reason could it be locked?

We will not lock your e-mail account unless we find it is being abused, has been compromised, or is being used to deploy viruses / spams/ …etc.

11. How could I know if my email is locked?

You will not be able to login.

12. Who shall I contact to solve this problem?

Either contact the helpdesk@squ.edu.om in CIS if you can’t log in or if you can log in and have other issue
relating to email, then you can contact mailsupport@squ.edu.om