FAQ in Wireless


1. Who can access the SQU WiFi? 

Students, staff and official visitors. 

2. Can any visitor use the WiFi service? 

Only official visitors can access the SQU WiFi. 

3. Is SQU WiFi compatible with all operating systems? 

Yes, it is compatible with any operating system that supports WPA2 enterprise encryption. 

4. Are all mobile device compatible with SQU WiFi? 

Any device that supports WPA2 enterprise encryption is compatible with SQU WiFi. 

5. Are there any special settings required for mobile devices to get connected with WiFi? 

No, settings are same in any device but the way to implement these sittings may vary

6. Where to find WiFi coverage? 

Public areas, meeting rooms, conference halls, class rooms, waiting areas, recreation halls, libraries, …. everywhere in 
SQU campus.