FAQ in Printing

1.  How can I print and/or photocopy ?

     SQU does not have a student photocopy service, although commercial facilities may be available on campus. Computers in 

     student computer laboratories can be used for printing depending on local equipment availability and assigned student credit. 

     Print in the normal way. 


     When the dialog appears, enter your Internet username and password.

2.  Which printers can I use ?

     You will find a printers listed in the computer lab, just print and enter username and password for authentication. 
     After that go to the computer near the printerand do the second authentication. 

3.  Can I print in color ?

     You can print in color only if your printer supports color printing.

4.  Can I print from the wireless network ?

     Yes, you can print from wireless, but you have to install special software from the following server:

5.  How much can I print?

     Your printing credit is dependent on the year you are in; you can buy additional credit as required.

     The credit given each semester includes the summer semester. At the beginning of the academic year the account will 

     be reset and new credit given. 

     Printing credit is given only to undergraduates; Masters and PhD. students will have to buy their own printing credit. 

     If the credit is used up they can buy more. 

6.  How do I check my balance ?


      After you log into the computer you will find a dialog box displayed in the top-right corner of the screen corner. 

      This will give you your credit balance. 


7.  From where can I buy my printing credit?

     From CIS, 1 Rial will give you 100 pages of black and white printing.
8.  Can I Scan to email ?

     The SQU/CIS does not provide a scanning service, however you may find a scanner in your college or local 

     computer laboratory. Contact your laboratory technician for usage information. 

9.  Can I print from my own laptop or computer ?

     Yes you can print, put you have to install this software: \\support.squ.edu.om\Public\p\Client\win\client-local-install.exe 

10. What happens to my printing credit at the end of the academic year?

       Undergraduates balances will be cleared at the end of the academic year. And will give you a new balance by the start of the 

       new academic year. 

11. How much can I print?

        Credit depends on your undergraduate year, but you can buy extra credit when you need from CIS. 

12. Can I use my own paper in the Student IT Printers?

        Yes, we do not supply paper. You must supply your own.