Website Pre-planning Guidelines

Why do you need a website?


If you are an administrative or academic college/center/department, and you have important content you need to displaying for the end user, you should go through this points to know if you need a website or only a page.


  • The website should have more than 10 pages.
  • The website should display services and contact information.
  • The website content should be more than 1000 word.
  • The website content should be in English/Arabic.

Note: otherwise if your request does not meet the conditions, a page on SQU home website should be enough.

Preparation and Timeline Some Things to Consider Before Contacting Us


Building a website can take anywhere from few weeks to months, depending on numerous factors like: the client's availability and prior preparation. Therefore, before you contact Web & E-Services, we ask that you do some upfront work that will, ultimately, advance the completion of the project in a timely manner.

1. Appoint a Department Contact for Your Website

Appoint a person within your department who will work with Web & E-Services on your website.


2. Consider Your Content

Consider the content that best forwards your department's communications goals for the website ahead of time; for example:

  • What information will be on your website?
  • Is the content being written from scratch? Is it coming from various individuals in the department?
  • Who will provide the information?
  • Who will edit/update the website?
  • Who will proof reading the content?


Note: Reworking the content before you contact us will move the development of the website forward much quicker.


3. Create an Outline

Organization of your website is the key to its success. The better organized it is, the easier it will be for visitors to navigate through your website. Simple layouts make for easy navigation, and remember, the home page gives visitors the first impression of your site, so make it count.

Consider the content that best forwards your department's communications goals for the website, then create an outline based on that content. Having an outline provides a mental picture of the site, the sections, subsections, and content pages. This outline can also serve as a valuable guide when you set up the navigation of your site.


4. Contact Web & E-Services

Please contact us :


Note: Normally, we create the website